About 2 years ago, I joined this amazing company called AirAsia. Part of being a Guest Service Agent, we were sent to Kuala Lumpur to attend an introductory course.

During my 3-week stay there, I didn’t just learn about my job and my company,I also gained new friends and experienced new cultures. In our class, I became friends with my Asian brothers and sisters. I met colleagues from different parts of Malaysia like Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Sandakan, and Johor Bahru; and also brothers from Padang, Solo, Surabaya and Pekanbaru, all from Indonesia.

My Indonesian friend showed me around KL City. I got to visit Petronas for the first time. They were really friendly and helpful. They always crack jokes and made our class livelier.

I also discovered that Malaysians are gracious hosts and are really proud of their culture. During classes we get to exchange thoughts and teach each other our country’s language. Some Malay words are similar to Filipino words; such as payong, gunting, puti and a whole lot more. I also get to enjoy Malay foods like nasi goreng, satay and teh tarik.

This picture was taken during class break

The things that I discovered spiked curiosity in me so there was this one time, I went to KL city by myself to explore. I got everyone worried because it was around 10pm and they hadn’t seen me at the hotel yet. I was really touched and embarrassed by what happened. Glad to know I have friends that care. This goes to show that friendship transcends race and culture.

I experienced such a wonderful exchange of culture, beliefs and ideas the AirAsian way; not only did I get to learn more about my company; I also learned something about life. Thanks to AirAsia for giving me a chance to experience the Best of Asia, like our credo says; ONE People, ONE Culture, ONE AirAsia, ONE Family.


Hi! I'm from Guest Services Department. As AirAsia's frontliner I'm usually assigned at the fast-paced, action-packed check-in counter, facilitating your check-in process.

Friends call me Gail but my colleagues suggest that I should change my name from GAIL to GALA which is a Filipino term for being a wanderer.

Apart from being a Guest Services Assistant, I'm a wanderlust at heart. I looooooooove travelling. If I'm not busy roaming around, I may be daydreaming about my next adventure trip or trying to accomplish my top 10 must-do-things-before-I-die. I'm also fascinated with photography, capturing the beauty of life through photos.

and yeah, I'm really a curious person!