Here is a a suggestion to lessen the amount of crying and wailing from kids during takeoff and landing. Most young ‘uns cry ‘cos they can’t take the air pressure at these times. Could cabin crew possibly offer a free sweet or a small drink to these kids since sucking helps relieve the pressure? Or perhaps at the very beginning, before the plane taxies, you could offer the parents of these young kids some earplugs at a low price.

I have been taking my son everywhere since he was a year old and these “tricks” have helped keep him quiet – we travel several times a year so I was really reading up on all kinds of tips that would ease a child’s travel. Now, at 13 years-old, with sinus problems, he just relies on silicon earplugs to help him easily get through landing and takeoff. They really work.



  1. There was a time when I had a slight cold boarding a plane, and my sinuses were not as clear as they should have been.

    During the descent phase to the destination airport, I felt a very, very sharp pain somewhere between my eyes. Felt like my brain was about to explode. That’s probably what your kid experienced.

    At first, I seriously thought it was a brain tumor of some sort, but after consulting the net, found out it’s just a symptom of clogged sinuses during flight, which can easily be mitigated.

    Try this: just when the captain announces the descent, tell your son to close his mouth and nose while at the same time attempting to blow through his nostrils. Do this repeatedly until the pain subsides. Works for me everytime! =)

  2. Po Wen Reply

    Hi Amirul,

    That’s a good tip – it’s the same one that was taught to me by a diving instructor. I always use it on myself to ease ear pressure. I pinch my nostrils shut and blow till my ears “pop” and the painful pressure is relieved. It works on most people but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work on my son tho’ I’m not sure why! Thankfully, chewing a gum and using ear plugs do the trick for him!

  3. The ear plug is a great idea. We will definitely look at offering this as a collectors yet very usable item onboard 🙂

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