As you would find in our earlier post and on our website, AirAsia will be granting a credit shell to our guests and not a refund. In this regard, we have received a lot of queries from our guests on credit shell and we hope that this post will explain.

What is a credit shell?

A credit shell is a separate account created for our guests and not a direct refund to your credit card. The credit shell account created in this instance for our guests to/from Bangkok will have an account number for guests who want to transfer their flights. The credit shell account number is the same number as your booking number. Credit shell is a credit account where monies paid towards a booking are stored. A credit shell account is valid for three months and if the balance or full amount is not utilized within the three months, the amount is forfeited.

Guest are allowed to utilize their Credit Shell for any pre-booked product/services

Please note that the credit shell account cannot be used for internet bookings or to pay for excess baggage or services provided at the airport i.e. wheelchair fee, sports equipment fee etc.

How do I activate my credit shell?

The AirAsia Call Centre will be calling each affected guest to convert your account into a credit shell account. You will be asked to provide a pin number to activate the credit shell.

Alternatively, you may visit the authorized AirAsia Sales Counters (sales agent will not have the authority to issue credit shell) or write to


  1. If credit shell is in multiple currencies, can they be used towards one booking? For example, I have credit shell in two currencies.

    I have SL Rupees. Can I use them to book KUL-BKK flight which is usually paid in RM?

    If this is not possible, there is not much of a point in credit shell.

  2. So i found out the hard way, our AirAsia credit shell force you to book via call center, that’s ok BUT you won’t be able to use credit on discounted airfare, they charge you full standard airfare, so much for a credit shell, to rip you off more!
    AirAsia is too money hungry, no customer service, won’t return after this until they change; worst seats ever!

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