Note from Blog Team: Well, we actually think that its kinda cool. What do you as our guests think? Can we use your snapshots for our plane? Will it mean something to you? Any ideas how we can do this? Share in and tell us your thoughts.

I have been following AirAsia’s CEO on his Twitter and have been twitting him with one of my crazy idea (I am not sure if this is a crazy idea) but I’ve just realize that he can’t see my twitt if he does not follow me.

With MILLIONS of people flying with AirAsia now, why not have some of the beautiful faces picture of these people taken or ask them to send their portrait picture (it could be funny type and we don’t want just passport photo type of picture taken) and have them all over the plane! I mean outside the plane! Isn’t this possible. I don’t know man! But I think it would be so awesome.

Ok…I hope I am not making the fool of myself here but do consider this idea. I don’t mind being station in LCCT or during the flights to snap of few with my DSLR camera.

Oh boy I am dreaming or what but no harm to share.

Signing off.


  • Rahamat Tulla

    its a good idea tho…

    lets do it!!

  • Saravanan

    Indeed ur RIGHT!!!… It is a CRAZY idea!

    hehehe… ok,… here’s the thing, painting an aircraft with any design is not a big deal.

    But there’s many things to be considered, 1stly its going to add on more weight on an aircarft, its centre of gravity will differ, more weight means more fuel is consumed and the bottom line is, MORE COSTS!

    Its definately not in line with Air Asia’s motive of Less is More.

    More costs would inturn mean more is charged onto its loving customers.

    Lets just leave the smiles on ppls faces than on the aircraft ok!?

    No offence. 😉

  • Low

    if painting will add that much weight, then all aircraft wouldn’t be colorful =.=|||

    art is good, but u need a place for us to submit photos or make some promotion if some photos are given, u get to choose where u wanna sit etc. (unless AA takes photo of their clients secretly hehe)

  • Kong Sun

    Well I don’t mind if our snapsots are taken.

  • Chin Cheong

    I am sure we can think of something more cost effective ways of lessing the weight and cost.

    Why waste it when we can show the smile of the passengers outside the aircraft? We can have a theme for this. AirAsia has always do things so differently and why not let have this on!It will be so much fun!When AirAsia sponsor Manchester United, they have some of the fleet painted all red and with MU logo on it. So why not have the faces of ppl who had flew with AK.

    While the passengers are waiting to board their plane we can choose a handful of them and ask them if they mind having their face portrait(and not sure if we should tell them the purpose of it but can always tell them surprise is install for them) taken and of course a disclaimer has to be presented to them so they won’t sue AirAsia for putting up their pic.

    Let’s name this a ‘Smile’ project. Oh my god….I’m making a fool of myself again!!!!

  • Low

    300-600 pounds to make people smile?
    Power of advert you know, who wouldn’t want to sit on a plane with his/her face on it?

  • Chin Cheong

    I just thought it would be unique for AirAsia to embark on this.But I guess too many factors have to be taken into consideration. But,I am sure there should be a better way of doing this. Let me think over again. Don’t think it is impossible.It is possible.Got to fine tune it.

  • Kuan Jin

    If AirAsia can paint the whole plane red with MU colours, I am sure AirAsia can paint anything on it!

    (more like aviation regulatory control?)

    I personally think it’s cool to see ordinary Malaysians pics on the planes.. it’s like “tagging” the plane to like a hundred Malaysians or so..

    Question: How much weight does paintings add to the weight?

  • Low

    depending on how much paint u wanna use. You can count by the density of the paint, the thickness u wanna paint, and (density = mass/volume). By calculating the surface area times with the thickness u get your volume. then u can count your mass. Or you can just google your answer, it’s there =p

  • Chin Cheong

    I think this would be so cool.Having Malaysian faces ‘flying’ with the plane.If possible not only Malaysian faces but everyone flying with AirAsia.

    Is painting the only way this could be done?How about some sort of printing and that we could stick on it (something that could stand the pressure and temperature up in the sky). Any conflict with aviation regulatory like Kuan Jin pointed out?

    I’ve even written this in my blog a day after I posted this here.

  • Sin

    It’s a great idea!
    I was having the same concept and doing that for my English Project in my college. We used photoshop to edit the pictures of our head with the faces (mimics faces, emotional faces) and small cartoon body, it was cute ^^ and we scored full marks for that. Haha, I’ll try to get back my soft copy and show you all ^^

    Bravo Chin Cheong, if you need photographer, I have one ^^ for you…LOL

  • Wan Siong

    You know, Saravanan has a very good point of argument..
    To paint with such fanciful colours, it’s gonna add on so much weight that the extra fuel cost doesn’t really do justification to the advertising cost.
    On top of that, aircraft spends almost 90% of their time on air. So whatever they are advertising aren’t put in good use.
    For those who wonder how much can the extra weight cost, remember the MAS “Hibiscus”? It carries another extra 1 tonne plus of paint compared to the normal blue red white livery.
    And everyone knows extra weight equals to extra cost.
    In which, I think that extra could be put to good use for advertising in some other media that has higher penetrating rate, thus guarantees instant direct returns.

    Benjamin Siew Wan Siong

  • Chin Cheong

    Thanks Sin.I have thought about this in my bed while listening to ABBA.

    A lot of photos have to be taken once we put those photos at the plane,it will form a word “ if we see from far.


  • Low

    paint thinner layers LOLz…Har, Mr Benjamin supporting MAS again tsk tsk

  • Sin

    Chin Cheong,

    Yeah,tiny faces make up ”Air Asia”, superb. If you need my help, please let me know, I have various idea to contribute..I’ve discussed with my fren,who is very experience in taking photos of models and events,F1, etc etc.

  • Arif

    It’s cool idea…

    I think kids faces is quite funny… please not only in KLIA LCCT… Air Asia Group has 3 AOCs, in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia… I think every Air Asia has unique faces…

  • Chin Cheong

    Now I know why the airfare in Competitor X (in malaysia) is so expensive!

    Anyway,there is so much concern if this is done it is going to be killing the cheap fair for Airasia. Come on Malaysian, cheap fair will always be there for us no matter what and it is just the matter how much we want to pay. In fact when I thought about this idea, it isn’t so much of an advertising.

    It shows the uniqueness of Airasia of always having things done in a different ways. A way that will always keep people talking about it. If people talks about your idea when they see it,is like a free advert for you.Ppl remember and talk about it,that’s when your advert is a sucessfull one.

  • Jeffery

    This has been a very intersting read. As a marketing professional who has been involved in many brainstorming and idea generation activities I can see how this thread could have led to even more idea if there was more positivity to open things up.

    I am not an aeronautical engineer and so I don’t know anything about how paint is going to affect the weight or centre of gravity of the craft. I will leave that to the technical experts.

    I will tell you what I like about this idea, and perhaps throw in an additional thought for Tony and his team to chew on.

    Now the model that AirAsia uses isn’t exactly new or unique in the world (see Virgin and EasyJet), but it’s the first time it’s being used here in Asia and indeed Malaysia.

    What many people here at least took out when AirAsia and it’s unique-to-here model was launched was (a) New Kid On The Block, (b) Different (c) Rebel / irreverant / bucking the system (d) I get to choose my additional costs (for food etc because I am being sold a net net no frills ticket)

    I think the idea of using quirky, funny and unusual poses for the photo images reinforces (b) and (c) but more importantly I think the whole idea of putting up images of the people who are your customers, whether you choose to use them on your plane, or merely in your advertising or other promotional activities, goes a long way to reinforcing (d) and more than that it is a way of saying that AirAsia belongs to you her passengers.

    Well, to me at least, that last one is pretty powerful.

    Lastly, to all those who posted their thoughts positive or negative, well done. It is brave to put your thinking out here were it becomes open to scrutiny and criticism. And of course it is often difficult when we find our ideas attacked. I hope, we can be more positive and constructive in our criticisms in future and direct our energies to “how can I make this work” rather than “I don’t think this will work”.

    Having said that, I rejoice in being part of the diversity of this world and encourage everyone to keep sending in ideas, keep and expressing your imagination and keep being curious about the world.


  • Amirah Kausar

    Jeffery, i like ur ideas .. and i find it interests me more about the brainstorming and generation activities .. Are those internal programs in your company or perhaps u can suggest who the organiser for such activities ?

    Thank u.