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23 May 2013

[Contest] #AA Country Hashtag Twitter Contest

AirAsia Social Media team

By AirAsia Social Media team

Are you a fan of the show that gets you fired up every episode? Now you can get your hands on our exclusive AirAsia Smart Kit! Just follow @AirAsia and show your support for your favourite contestants via #hashtag! It’s that simple!

Only 3 things to win: Follow us, stay tuned and tweet! It’s that easy!

More on how it works:
For a bigger chance of winning, just follow the steps below:

(a) Be a fan of AirAsia Facebook (www.facebook.com/AirAsia), follow us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/AirAsia), and read (http://blog.airasia.com)

(b) Follow any one of our accounts (or all if it pleases you):

  • AirAsia Twitter (@airasia)
  • AirAsiaThailand Twitter (@AirAsiaThailand)
  • AirAsiaID Twitter (@AirAsiaID)
  • AirAsiaPH Twitter (@AirAsiaPH)
  • AirAsiaSG Twitter (@AirAsiaSG)

(c) Just add any one of the following #hashtags to your tweets (within 140 characters) that is related or unrelated with The Apprentice Asia show:

#AAHK (AirAsia Hong Kong)
#AAIN (AirAsia India)
#AAID (AirAsia Indonesia)
#AAMY (AirAsia Malaysia)
#AAPH (AirAsia Phillipines)
#AASG (AirAsia Singapore)
#AATW (AirAsia Taiwan)
#AATH (AirAsia Thailand)

i. Related to The Apprentice Asia: My favourite contestant is Ningku from India. Because that’s where I’m from too! #AAIN
ii. Unrelated to the show: Halo halo is the best dessert ever! #AAPH

(d) There’s no tweet limit, you can tweet as much as you want throughout the contest.

(e) Tweets in the following languages are acceptable:
i. English
ii. Bahasa Malaysia
iii. Thai
iv. Bahasa Indonesia
v. Tagalog
vi. Simplified Chinese
vii. Traditional Chinese

Contest period:
23 May – 31 July 2013

AirAsia is an
Official Sponsor of:

apprentice-logo East Asia:
Every Wed at 9.05pm
(8.05pm JKT/TH)