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04 August 2012

CONGRATULATIONS Allstars Gold Coast runners!


By Yvonne

On the month of July, every year starting from 2009, team of 20 Allstars runners will make their way to Gold Coast to participate in the yearly international marathon event. This year, our Allstars Running Club was very proud when 10 ( full marathon runners) and 12 ( half marathon runners) completed their run with a very good ‘ personal best (PB) running time, which was not an easy feat given that most of them were first timers in their respective categories. This was all made possible with the full support of Azran ( AAX CEO) whom was also a very avid runners and sportsman himself by for sponsoring the flight and the run for the past 4 years and AirAsia has been generously sponsoring runners’ accommodation.

This year was a great year for 2 of our runners who finished the marathon with a great timing; Lim Hong Han ( 42km category) 3hr:46mnt ( 2 years ago he was the fastest runner in the Allstars Running Club in the 21km category 1hr:40mnt) and Mohd Bahig bin Abul Hassan (21km) 1hr:57 mnt.

Quick interview with Bahig “ I trained 10km a day, 3 days a week for 2 months since I was new to running. The training was hard at the first, however after 2 to 3 days of training, my stamina improved and it’s really fun! That was my first time running in a cold weather. It helps as I don’t really feel tired and don’t even sweat and had lots of fun! Thats why I believe that RUNNING IS TRULY from your HEART and MIND NOT your FEET and you truly will understand this when you get to see the nice and wonderful places on your own 2 feet. This is my 1st marathon and my 1st category. This will mark my first step into running and no turning back from here, I will join more marathons in the future. My next events will be Putrajaya Night Marathon and Penang Bridge International Marathon and I target 1hr 30mnt as my finishing time!” Wish me luck and join me for the run!

Quick interview with Hong Han “ This was my first ever full marathon and I am happy that I finished it within my target time. I run during my off days and whenever I have the chance. I try to maintain an average mileage of 55km per week. I would sometimes do some up hill run or climb steps in order to strengthen my legs. My first full marathon was really really tough, none of my trainings have ever prepared me for what I’m about to endure during my first marathon. The most challenging part was to continue running despite extreme fatigue that kicks in at the last few kms of the run. The fun part about running in Gold Coast was the weather and the people there were so supportive towards runners. But the best part was whenever I passed by any of my fellow Allstars runners, seeing the AirAsia running vest that they were wearing, I realize that I’m part of the team as well, that motivates me to keep on running. I would aim for better timing the next marathons and hopefully to do an ultra marathon in the near future.

The most important thing about the run was not the distance, but rather the experience and the spirit of being an Allstars that was most important. Few of our runners, despite the fatigue after completing the run, they waited for the rest of the runners and run together with them till the finishing line and keep returned back for the rest of the late runners till the last runner complete the run.

After the tiring run, scrumptious BBQ party was held at the running vicinity courtesy of our AAX staffs in Gold Coast and followed by Dinner at Hard Rock café at Surfers Paradise. The hotel where they stayed; Islander Resort was a very strategic location and staying there was a great experience especially if you are the kind of person that wanted to be in the middle of the action. The next day, our runners went to Currumbin Park; which was part of our local CSR effort and had a great day.

Nodoubt that the running trip was a successful one as we have zero injury and lots of fun. The team spirit and the happiness was clearly shown among the runners and Allstars Running Club plan to participate in more marathon to come!