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28 September 2008

Congratulations AirAsia X!

AirAsia Social Media team

By AirAsia Social Media team

And the winner for the The World’s Best New Airline for 2008 goes to…..(drumroll please…..)…..AirAsia X! Announced at the recent World Low Cost Airline Congress in London. Great job Azran & the team…looking forward to more routes and exciting trips!

  • Kan

    Congratulations!!! I’m also looking forward to more routes & destinations!!

  • Almond

    Congratulations on the winning in London and making Malaysia proud! Cheers!!

  • Yoesoef

    Be the Best always. Congratulations !!! i am proud become a frequent flyer of AirAsia. Shout to the world that now the ERA of ASIA.

  • Phoek

    Congratzz!!! just keep the good work! Also keep the proud of AirAsia frequent flyer and fans :)

  • Augustine

    It has been a great lost for all Sarawakians on the cancellations of MAS direct flight from Kuching to Perth. You’ll be surprise by the great number of students from Sarawak studying and living in Perth and the huge number of tourists and parents visiting their children in WA.
    In fact Tony Fermandes has spoken through the press and with the blessing of the Chief Minister of Sarawak and all the ministers in Sarawak, Tonny has said that Air Asia will launch the Kuching/Perth direct flight by 2008. Instead Air Asia started off with the KL/Perth in November 2008.
    To be more precise flights flying down to Australia will have to fly down south Via Borneo and Indonesia before reaching WA. Why not make a stopover in Kuching or Sibu so that the priveleges will also be given to Sarawakians. To us it means a direct flight. To passengers from KL, it will be only a stopover or transit.
    Why should Sarawkians have to pay extra to pay to KL wasting time and money.
    The people of Sarawak will definitly be gladful if Tony can readjust the flight schedule or create a new Kuching/Perth direct flight. Thank-you

  • Jeevitha

    i want to book on Airasia X

  • Corally

    I would like to know who won the X-Rated Xanadu – Calling – name – a – plane competition. I have not seen any results as yet. Can you please let me know. thanks.