I have a confession to make…I’m an obsessive Internet shopper.

It is true, I have been living with this condition ever since I had my first credit card. I would buy almost anything and everything on the Internet. But my main staple is from AirAsia’s website. I bought countless air ticket from airasia.com. Flights for me, for my family members, for friends and even for friend of friends, it gives me great pleasure when I see the words “Booking Confirmed”, followed by the Booking Number. Look into my account and you will see this is all true.

I am not ashamed of my condition, I am rather proud of. But recently, my soul itches with immoderate desire to shop on www.redmegastore.com. I bought an AirAsia X model airplane, a Christmas present for myself, ever since…I had sleepless night as my desire to buy more merchandise from the site grows.

My Pride, My Baby!

Then on one fateful night, enough was enough! I jumped out of my bed and switched on my laptop in the middle of the night and clicked on the 2 items I wanted to buy so badly…keyed in my credit card account and clicked again “OK”….but alas…my purchases were rejected…NOOOOOOOO! This cannot be true! But it was, an “Error” appeared on my screen. I called my credit card company,”Did my transaction made it?”, “No!”, “Any outstanding bills?”, “No!”…”Why then was my purchased rejected? “Maybe there is something wrong with the website….” Since then, I tried every other day, night, week even…but still…I was disappointed again and again…the “Error” page was always there, dashing any hopes of ever getting my hands on the 2 items!

The Error Page lingers like CANCER!!!!!

So I asked of you, to correct your website, so I can cure this craving of mine…I have started to show signs of withdrawal…and rather antisocial I’m afraid…if I can’t get my hands on those merchandise…there is no telling what when I will revert back the normal functional person I once was…

Kenneth Chong
Kuching, Sarawak



  1. Hi Kenneth, thanks for all the support given to us all these while. 🙂

    I’ve had a look at the screen shot of the error that you’ve been encountering and have checked on it. It seems the error is happening on MasterCard’s webpage during the 3D authentication. Our colleague is currently investigating this issue with our payment gateway vendor as well as MasterCard to rectify this.

    Rest assured we are always working towards improving our products and we really appreaciate your highlighting of this issue. We’ll come back to you as soon as we get a response from our vendor and from MasterCard on this.

    Soon Yean
    IT Department

  2. Kenneth Reply

    thanks you so much for your reply…take care and all the best to you…keep up the good work!!!!

  3. Mulyadir Fitri Reply

    Out of topic, but also about your website. The Direct Debit Tab has been missing from your website since last night. What’s wrong? I’ve not been able to book my tickets.

  4. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Hi Mulyadir,

    We have checked with our IT team and it seems that the direct debit function is working perfectly. Kindly note that direct debit is not available for the following:-

    1) Booking within 48 hours from STD
    2) For guests who have picked a seat (EGV payment method is available though)

    Hope this helps.

  5. Mulyadir Fitri Reply

    That explains it. I picked a seat. Thanks. Any plans to rectify this shortcoming?

  6. Hi Kenneth, that’s a nice model you have there. i think i know you from some other forum, unless there are 2 aviation enthusiasts named Kenneth Chong. Neway, if you happen to drop by KUL, do check out the limited edition A330 model we have at LCCT merchandise kiosk, with landing gears, i bought 1, it’s gonna be worth it, so enjoy shopping! Neway, was just dropping by…

  7. Hi AirAsia Blog Team,

    This is regarding the RedMegaStore Website.

    I am so dissapointed with the customer service for the RedMegaStore Website. I recently bought a passport holder on the 02 November 2009 and I still have not receive my order. It’s been almost 1 and a half month now.

    I’ve submitted 2 feedback forms to enquire about my order and i have yet to receive any reply.

    I do not know of any other way to contact them so i tried posting here.

    Please do something about this.

    Thank you

  8. Kenneth Reply

    Ibrahim, you could get in touch with the people from AirAsia on Facebook. Maybe that will help. Usually it takes about 4-5 working days for them to deliver, you should try and contact them. You could also call your Credit Card and tell them to cancel the purchase, don’t know it that will work. All the best, hope my suggestions work.

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