We are livening in a world of dissatisfied people. There are those who insist they tell you about their discontent and there are people who are happy that someone else conveys their disappointment to you. Then there is the silent lot. Most of the time complainants’ are quite happy to pour out their grievances’ to their loved ones and friends and merely expect a few words of comfort, advice, comments….
This situation happens occasionally to anyone, being either the ear (listening) or mouth (complaining) or on the rare occasion being both.

Then there are PEOPLE like us. Yeah! Staff who are employed solely for the purpose of resolving Complaints!!!. This is a whole new ball game. Here the complainant whom we refer to as our Guest not only expects a few words of comfort but demand a string of apologies and compensations. Sometimes the Guest doesn’t just want advice but looks towards taking advantages. Guests’ flying with AirAsia expects Low fares, the lower the better or even zero fares.

There’s the guest who has booked Zero fare, (usually off-peak season) and later wants to change their flight to peak season. What they expect; after giving a multitude of reasons is to have the Zero fare for the peak season. How do we resolve this situation? Easy! Explain to our guest that our fares are not transferable. Oh! Yeah. Now our guest threatens Not to fly with us. If, we don’t make their changes, then their Complaint on the issue becomes an added Complaint on us being totally unhelpful . What started as a request to a demand ends up as a Complaint about us. Well, it usually ends there. Then there is the guest who takes it further and demands the Management take action on us, for not assisting them. What a life!!!

Next; OTG. That’s AirAsia’s, Only Airline in the World; free offer of an ON TIME GUARANTEE e-gift voucher valued at RM200 that compensates our guests if we keep them waiting for more than 2 hours from the standard time of departure. Guests’ who are eligible for this e-gift voucher receives it thru their email within 3 business days. Easy. Now everyone thinks they are entitled to this. Well anything free usually comes with some conditions and this can be viewed on AirAsia’s website. Let’s go to those guests who are actually eligible for the e-gift voucher, and do not receive it within the specified time. This leads to a host of Complaints. Including AirAsia practices false advertising, it’s just a gimmick, incompetent staff to just a simple – I’ve not received it yet! The truth is at times, even though we process the delivery of the e-gift vouchers as fast as we can, we still end up later than the 3 business days due to an influx of claims.

In relation to the above, there is the guest who walks in to our sales counter and purchases the air ticket using cash. The guest sees it totally unnecessary to provide their email, as they will not need their itinerary to be emailed to them. Now how do we send the electronic voucher via email to this eligible guest!!! 1 month later we receive a Complaint from our said guest via our On-line Feed back form that we are incompetent in processing the voucher. What a life!!!

How about the guest who purchased their air ticket via a Tour Agent? The agent would have inserted the company’s e mail address when the booking was made. From past experiences we have sent the e-voucher to the listed email address and the agent fails to notify the guest. What we receive later is a very loud Complaint on inept, useless AirAsia staff who do not guarantee the delivery of the ON TIME GUARANTEE e-gift voucher. What a life!

The action orientated guest then deem it fit to further escalate their Complaint to the Print media in the Hotline pages. There we are printed in black & white on how bad our free offer is. What a life!!!

Well that a day in the life of a Guest Support Officer with AirAsia, where complaints add color to our lives…………


  • Low

    This post is too long! (Over 140 characters) =D *joking ya, dont kill me*

  • Jason

    seems like you will never hv an end to this. meantime, try looking for other job where you can be the one who complain. you can never please everyone.

  • Ahmad Salleh

    I did make a complain once regarding On Time Guarantee. Everything was supposed to be in order, email, mobile contact number etc.

    My flight to Penang on Friday, 03 Apr 2009 Flight AK 5374 which I booked under booking number N6H4BM was delayed for more than two hours.

    The scheduled time was depart Kuala Lumpur International Airport(LCC Terminal) (KUL) at 20:25 and arrive in Penang International Airport (PEN) at 21:15.

    However the flight only took off at 11.45 pm and we arrived in Penang well past 12.30 am.

    I waited for about 3 days before deciding to write a complain to Air Asia. It was given reference number GSM 09D09243

    I had to wait another few days and I and finally I wrote directly to Datuk Tony and upon receiving it (i supposed on his black berry)he escalated my email to Mr Bolingam.

    Only then my waiting ended and the voucher finally arrive in my email on 10 April, well 7 days after my delayed flight incident.

    I dont want to blame anyone on this but sometimes Air Asia seems to be uncoordinated unless you wrote to the top management. I still receive another email dated 15 April saying that my complain need to be furnished with flight detail. FYI , i gave all detail incl flight booking number, flight number in my first email to datuk Tony and yet one Miss Ain izzaty from Customer Support still asked for it. And her email was actually appended with the required details !

    I hope Air Asia give attention to detail when handling complain in the future. For one thing, I am very meticulous and make sure all details are in before sending the complain.

    Thank you.

    Deddy Faisal Ahmad

  • Chee Keong

    i have to agree with jason…
    basically, most of the jobs out there require somehow a level of patience…

    humans are hard to please, and well, some of them just demand for more than what they are paying for and so much more than what they can actually get…

    felt it too last time when i work part time..
    what to do…
    u can’t scold them back and hang up on them…


  • Saravanan

    HAhahaha….I’ve been in the cust svc field for a few years and I know the agony!… you cant tell the cust is
    St%$@id nor can you satisfy your boses.


    These people somehow can always find a way to amuse you with much more tricky and darn right outrageous complaints, queries and quotes.

    Fact remains,… if there were no such fussy customers, you guys wouldn’t be as innovative and probably be out of a JOB!


  • Cheng

    Hey, here’s something you have not mentioned and alot of us are involved but have not complaint. Many of us have experienced retimed/rescheduled flights with no apparent reasons whatsoever except an apology. To us a retime or reschedule flight is actually a delayed flight which in the end cost more than a non low cost flight like having to pay midnight charges for taxis, expensive meals while waiting at airports etc. Airasia can always retime flights when they anticipate delays to avoid paying that 200.00 vouchers, if that is not cheating then what is it? A Life??

  • Rahamat Tulla

    its norms in life :0

  • Ariff


    what about that?
    I hope the team have solved the issue.

  • Kevin

    Humans being humans, we’ll always want whats best for US! Who doesnt love a good freebie once in awhile. Therefore obviously when we find an opportunity to get one, we fight like hell to get it…especially if it’s a RM200 flight voucher! 😛

    But also you should consider for the customers end. So many times consumers have been promised many things but in the end companies do not deliver. Of course we’re scared that you’d wanna back out on ur bargain…not to mention those made to wait for more the 2 hours must be feeling pretty pissed as well.

    Just my two cents :)

  • Dominic

    Just to bring things back to prospective a little, all airlines, and I mean ALL airlines retime/reschedule their flights very much the same way AirAsia does. It is not a matter of cost savings (by not having to pay out vouchers), and it is definitely NOT cheating.

    Constuctively, we do try our very best to relay the reason for a retime/reschedule. As an operator, we definitely dont want any delay/reschedule/retime of our flights, as it will have an overall effect on our schedule. However, these occasions normally happens due to things beyond our control, i.e. weather, congestion…
    It’s part of life we have to face.

  • Kwong Yan

    At least with AA, you get a reference no. You try sending a email to MAS, you get nothing for weeks. The MD says you can sent him a email if you need anything but try finding his email address on MAS website you will never find it. Kudos to Tony for having his email address available to all.

  • Jen Min

    i do agree with anon abt AA retiming their flights without any explanation. If you want our business and expecting us to book months ahead, then you should honour the timing and not make changes even after it is in your pdf schedule. This is because we have to book other connecting flights and hotels etc. Just because is a promo ticket does not mean we don’t have rights.

    Dominic, i don;t agree with your logic and we all know its not beyond your control unless its weather.

    BTW What is the email for Dato’ Tony?

  • AirAsia Blog Team

    Hi Jen Min, in the interest of fairness, delays cost the airlines money as well. Some factors are unavoidable. For instance, any cause of concern for safety would result in delays. The airline loses valuable time when any aircraft is grounded, but we always practice the mantra of safety first, safety always. We hate to make excuses but we acknowledge the fact that each delay has its own factors involved and when we do not explain, guests like yourself are confused with the void in information.

    We are opening this
    1) Not just for our guests to voice their concerns but also for us as an organisation to give our point of view
    2) Have a constructive dialogues with all of you. We know that nothing is perfect but work with us and see us improve. We are not ripoffs just out to get your money. We want to have real conversations with all of you and lets talk with social media tools where you get to talk to real people behind the company
    3) We are here to listen. Let us use this to move forward together. Whatever grouches that you may have, trust that we are sorry and the only way with all of you is up

  • Sheena

    I hear you having been cancelling a lot of your flights to Stanstead, and then people are struggling to get flights to the UK as its such short notice, is this correct as I have just booked with you to go, or should I change my booking. Please be honest this is a trip of a lifetime to me and to get stuck getting to London will be devasting to my on forward plans

  • Azran

    Dear Sheena,

    We have not cancelled any London (Stansted) flights.

    What we have had to embark on is a retiming of one flight a week to London from July to October (Tues KL-London, Wed London-KL), to accomodate the increase in 2 additional weekly flights to bring our service to a daily service.

    We are now calling up and emailing all affected passengers, with at least two months notice to inform them of the change in timing or to give our guests the option of changing to an earlier flight.

    We are also accomodating any changes to any affected connecting flights to AirAsia and other requests to minimize the impact on passengers affected by this change.

    If there are specific queries on this London flight, please do not hesitate to email to us at airasiax@airasia.com

    Kind regards,

  • Mulyadir Fitri

    Maybe it’s my luck, but all of my flights with AK have been on time. 😀 Just one grouch though. Why the discrimination against users of Direct Debit? What is the problem with using Pick A Seat and Direct Debit?

  • Russell

    Hi Complaints Dept,
    Background, I fly often and usually book well in advance to get your cheap fares. I have had one flight canceled and one other flights time rescheduled (so far). Guess what? OK, so I was a little inconvenienced and sometimes a little out of pocket.
    I have no complaint what so ever, as your customer assistance handled in perfectly. They seem to be the only airline I have ever used, who actually cares what its customers think.

    1. They actually apologized and advised me of the change well in advance so I had time to change my preferred times and connecting flights with Air Asia.
    2. When I advised them what flights now best suited me, they actually emailed me back within two hours telling me everything was now fixed and supplied the new itinerary.
    3. When there is something that can be improved in their system they try there best to fix it, or at least give a reasonable explanation of the problem.
    4. I think if your customer assistance gets complaints, it is more likely to be from frustration with other airlines previous treatment.

    Hey guys for a budget carrier, you give better than premium service. Keep on looking for ways to give the customer better service.

  • Karen

    i have the same problem as well..
    My case happened last year and until today the problem still havent solved yet.. i have try so many time call, email and other sources still cant get any reply from Air Asia.

    My family and I took Air Asia from SIBU to KUALA LUMPUR on 10 DECEMBER 2008, AK5265, time 2055, and the flight delayed more than 2 hours.. we only succeed took the flight on time 2325 and reached Kuala Lumpur around 230 in the morning..

    I have send email and call so many many times bout my OTG, and until today i still havent got any reply from Air Asia..

    any action from Air Asia??
    Pls do reply ya..

  • Karen

    P/S to MR. Deddy Faisal Ahmad
    may i have the email of Datuk Tony??
    i think he’s the last person can help me ya..
    thanks so much

  • Mohd Alifnor

    Ariff, please refer to ‘Pick A Seat’ FAQs – http://www.airasia.com/site/in/En/page.jsp?name=Pick+A+Seat&id=21127132-7f000010-9b88d200-adfd9c1f&nav=2-2 to answer your problem that you have highlighted. Terima Kasih.

  • Salleh

    Dear AA Team,

    Appreciate if you could provide any article about food and beverages served on board. I wonder whether your food served is HALAL for AK, FD and QZ. I am a frequent flyer and I realise that suddenly you have dropped HALAL certifcation logo in your menu. Is it the food now is NOT HALAL? Please we need to have these issue raised because most of the passengers fly with AA is moslem (not only Malay) but including middle-eastern tourist.

  • Dominic

    Dear Jen Min,

    As the blog team has correctly pointed out, we do not compromise on safety, and at times, equipment can fail at the very last minute, and we can’t control that. If I may add, apart from last minute equipment failure (btw my computer just crashed and I am re-writing this post), delays can also be caused by PASSENGERS, Air Traffic Control, Congestion, Regulations, Airport Facilities, etc? If weather is the only thing I cannot control, I must be a very ‘powerful’ person, sadly, I am not.

    Can I tell Air Traffic Control that I demand to take off from a closed runway because I have a schedule to keep? What about a passenger who has checked in his/her luggage but somehow doesn’t show up at the aircraft, and because of safety regulations, I have to offload his/her checked-in luggage which will then delay the flight?

    No one is taking your rights from you, we all have our rights, and we respect that. For your inconvenience I am sure you have received many sorrys, and for the time being, another sorry is what I can offer.

    We are not perfect, we admit it, that is why we are asking for constructive feedbacks to improve, not only for us, but any improvement will be for the benefit of all our guests.

    We are trying, trying very hard to make things right, because we know that we are nowhere without our guests and we value you and your thoughts. But as the blog team said, we have to be realistic and constructive, only then can we move forward.


    p.s. believe me, we do not want to have delays on our part. It really disrupts our lives as well.

  • Cheng

    Delays are delays whether for safety reasons or whatever. Time is money to everybody – to Airasia and passengers. What should be done is that passengers should be compensated for the extra expenses that have to be incurred due to delays. Retiming/rescheduling within 1 – 2 hours should be reasonable but sometimes flights are even retimed 2 or 3 times in a day and with no honest reasons. Cmon gimme a break, that is life??

  • AirAsia Blog Team

    Hi Karen, we are all here to help. We’re forwarding your case to the team who will be in touch with you on the matter. There are proper channels for these complaints and we believe that the guest support team is trying very very hard to cope with them. In fact, we receive up to thousands of complaints a week. An odd case or two might have slipped through the cracks and we are sorry. We’re not here to make excuses but rest assured that we treat each complaint and suggestion seriously. We are here to build relationships and not a one off transaction. Only with all of you, can we go places together.

    From the responses of our operations team, pilot Capt. Dominic and even Azran, CEO of AirAsia X, we are here to listen and of course to share the AirAsia experience with all of you. Welcome on board the AirAsia experience ladies and gentlemen. Stay with us and feel the difference. We innovate, the rest imitate.

  • Alyeanne

    *sigh* complaints…. a never ending story.as a consumer,we always think we pay,we expect to get the best out of it,no matter how much we pay,hceap or expensive. but have we read through the rules and regulations before the purchase? many would say : we dont have the time, we cant read, so much regulations, nobody will be so free to go through the rules and regulations and etc excuses.
    but once the product we purchase disappoints us ,there we start to complain,yell and get frustrated.
    many would say, rules and regulation is only side to the product.but if lets say you have gone through the rules and regulation, if we not agree with if we may have other alternative.at least we will not be drown to disatisfaction if the product we paid wasnt up to our expectations.
    pls take a little time, sacrifice a lil time for us to understand what we are paying is what we want,to avoid any frustration.
    and to a company,there is no any company in the whole world doesnt wants business.whoa,you have the business, you can survive!any company wish to have their happy customers and always come back to them.business is always a business,if we said the business is playing gimmicks, please go back from the prior when we purchase,spend a lil time, read or not to read the regulaitons.
    cheers!! and be a happy consumer at all times!

  • William

    Hi Saleh,

    All our hot meals and sandwiches for AK, FD and QZ flights are certified Halal and purchased from Halal certified caterers. For AK and QZ flights all meals, snacks and beverages are certified halal. The reason why we cannot put the Halal logo on our regional menu is because cup noodles in Thailand for FD flights do not carry a Halal certification therefore we cannot mislead our guests who are travelling with us that all meals, snacks and beverages are certified Halal since putting the logo on the menu would imply that.

    I hope the explanation above is satisfactory. If you have further queries please feel free to contact me at tanchunchuw@airasia.com.

    Thank you.

  • Mohd Irwan

    I always have bad experience traveling Jakarta-Johor Bahru route. The flight is regularly delayed (and I remember only once the plane flew on time), and sometimes can get up to 6 hours. It’s very frustrating as CGK airport is not so furbished to keep passengers waiting in patience. I read in an Indonesia paper quoted Dato Tony that this route is not lucrative, but it still exist for a long term investment. Probably load is low and it becomes unpopular as it is already known for delay, and passengers might prefer to fly via Batam or Changi. Hope to see better improvement in future, and if AA is not willing to address the issue, than better dont use JHB as its hub.

  • Tam�

    Dear AA Team,

    I’m trying to change a flight date on airasia.com, but this function seems to be broken for the last two days. I can get to the point where I select the new flight date, but then the “Select & Continue” button is not working. (nothing happens when I press it.) Tried it different browsers, no difference. The phone customer service of course is unreachable, so this leaves me no option to reschedule my flight as I don’t live anywhere a sales office. :(

    Can you please tell me when this function will work again? Trying to push people to use online services is a good thing as it cuts costs, but please, have a functioning website then, otherwise you’ll just end up with a lot of dissatisfied customers.



  • Angeline

    I’d say it’s human nature to complain, especially when the expectations from the advertisements differs from one’s perception.

    If all the complaints were on the dark side, then the customer service officers will have to learn various techniques to bring them to the light…. isn’t it?

    Hard skills won’t help you, only the soft skills can touch the human heart.


  • AirAsia Blog Team

    Dear Tamas,

    In the event you are unable to reach our call center, you may forward your feedback to us through the Online Feedback Form available in our official website.

    Dear Readers,

    Please take note that we have de-activated the following accounts; guestsupport@airasia.com and ontimeguarantee@airasia.com. If you have forwarded any feedback to the mentioned mail accounts, please re-submit your feedback through our Online Feedback Form at AirAsia’s website. We regret for any inconvenience and appreciate your co-operation.

  • Kitipan

    Good article there.
    It’s all about performance, but I think AA has a good system to ensure > 80% satisfaction level.


  • Woon

    i flew KL-Perth on Airasia X’s new airbus. everything was nice and well with one major observation – the seats cannot recline, horror of horrors! i did Hang Chow but the seat was confortable. Maybe it was an old plane. i hv to avoid this new airbus as i am 5’10 and simply cannot endure the torture of such seats. can someone tell how to identify such planes, so that i can choose to avoid them when booking? thanks

  • Laa

    “All our hot meals and sandwiches for AK, FD and QZ flights are certified Halal and purchased from Halal certified caterers. For AK and QZ flights all meals, snacks and beverages are certified halal. The reason why we cannot put the Halal logo on our regional menu is because cup noodles in Thailand for FD flights do not carry a “Halal certification therefore we cannot mislead our guests who are travelling with us that all meals, snacks and beverages are certified Halal since putting the logo on the menu would imply that.

    I hope the explanation above is satisfactory. If you have further queries please feel free to contact me at tanchunchuw@airasia.com.”

    jst to let every1 knw that abve reply is b***s**t.. i gt info from my frnd that doing the food handlng in airasia or to be detailed in IFS (food handling deprtmnt) and they confirmed that most of the hot meal DIDN’T have any HALAL CERT.. if all want to know that the dprtmt is run by non-muslim that didnt care about this halal issue.. even most of the supplier is non-muslim supplier…

  • Laa

    hi there… seems like you guys didnt want to reply regarding halal issue.. if no reply by tomorrow i will make it big to public… its a big issue.. dont play with it…

  • AirAsia Blog Team

    Dear Laa,

    “All our hot meals and sandwiches for AK, FD and QZ flights are certified Halal and purchased from Halal certified caterers. For AK and QZ flights all meals, snacks and beverages are certified halal. The reason why we cannot put the Halal logo on our regional menu is because cup noodles in Thailand for FD flights do not carry a “Halal certification therefore we cannot mislead our guests who are travelling with us that all meals, snacks and beverages are certified Halal since putting the logo on the menu would imply that.

    I hope the explanation above is satisfactory. If you have further queries please feel free to contact me at tanchunchuw@airasia.com.”

  • AirAsia Blog Team

    Dear Laa,

    “You have obviously been given misleading information. All our hot meals suppliers are certified Halal and we would be pleased to present the Halal Certification as prove.”

  • Ka Phin

    I need to claim my delayed flight voucher. How can I do it? I’ve submitted using the Online Feedback Form and no reply. I’ve tried to call the Call Centre and they call me to e-mail Guest Support and no reply. What’s goin on in Air Asia?

  • Chen Chung

    On 10Aug’09, my fiancee and myself tried to check in for our flight to Phuket. However, I was barred from checking-in because the counter claimed my passport to have 1 day less than 6 month before expiry (my passport expiry date was 9 Feb 2010). We were shocked for the rejection to board and the very unhelpful service from AirAsia. No solution/assistance was actively shown to us who have paid for the tickets! We as customers who have paid for the tickets should not deserve such a push-away attitude. We are not convinced that the “1 day less” issue can really result us from not being able to go Phuket. If it is really that critical, why the online booking never prompt for the expiry date of passport? It’s a definite cheat for the our money in this case! We were anxious for wasting all the preparations we had done for this trip. However, we manage to purchase another 2 tickets from TigerAirways on the same day later at 7.15pm. Ironically, knowing my passport expiry date, TigerAirways assured me that my passport had just sufficient 6 month allowance. Finally we passed through Phuket custom checkpoint without any problem to and fro (we came back on 13Aug09 by Airasia Thailand). What a ridiculous service AirAsia Singapore had put up?! It’s a cheat of our money and we demand your refund for our tickets. We’ll write in to the newspapers forum if this is not satisfactorily settled!

  • Shi Hong

    So, how about the merged flights? Sometimes, for a route which AirAsia has two or more flights in one day, when there is no enough passengers for any two flights for the same route on the same day, the earlier flight will be cancelled and all the passengers will be pushed into the later flight.

    Me myself not a frequent flyer of AirAsia. But, a lot of my relatives experienced this issue for many times.

    Does anybody complain about this?

    I’m not to criticize AirAsia. But, you should tell your management that the flight must go even with just ONE passenger.

  • Ting

    i have the same problem as well..
    My case happened Jan this year and until today the problem still havent solved yet!!! It’s almost 1 year!!! I had been calling so many time, emails, filled up the form frm AirAsia.com and other sources still no reply from Air Asia.

    My husband and I took Air Asia from SIBU to KUALA LUMPUR on 4 January 2009, AK5261, time 0925, and the flight delayed more than 2 and 1/2 hours!!! The flight only off gate on 12.03pm and off ground 12.08pm. We had to rebooked and resceduled for our next flight frm Kl- Penang!

    I had spent my time and $ to send emails and called so many many times about my case but until today i still havent got any reply from Air Asia!!!!!

    Here is my ref number: VNF3CF

    Pls do reply and show AirAsia can still be reliable!!!

  • Dorothy

    I am in the process of going through the consumer affairs in Australia for excess charges of $845 paid to air asia and I have evidence on visa card statements that they charged me twice for the K.L. to London and back part of the trip. I entered into numerous dialogue via e.mail to get it sorted but got nowhere so had to pay again as the date for my flight was approaching.
    The flight was the worst I have ever experienced, the airports at K.L. were not the ones I expected to land at and my overnight hotel bookings were no good because they were too far away, also a tour of the city was too far to go to take advantage of it, so besides the excess charges I lost over $330 in hotel and tour fares! I paid for food which consisted of two bowls of rice with a smidgen of chicken for each of the 12 hr flights. and I was unable to purchase food because they would not accep[ British pounds or Australian dollars, only Malaysien ringits. No inflight entertainment, no blanket without a charge and long waits between flightsat K.L and only departure airport was Stanstead which is difficult to get to in England without using the London underground or a round the country train with several changes. I could have purchased a round the world air ticket on the best airling for less than it cost me with air asia, don’t even consider booking with them.
    Dorothy Jacob

  • Russell

    This comment is for Dorothy and other first time travelers to Kuala Lumpur or any other new destination (and who use any budget airline). Do your homework or research first thing before booking.

    Both LCCT and the other major KL airport is one and a half hours from KL. KL also has very busy traffic congestion during peak hours. Do you want them to move the airports and stop traffic for you? Plan and allocate extra time for transport, tours, and accommodation while you are there. My experience with Air Asia is fantastic prices if you can book during the promotions. The service is as good as any airline I have flown. But you have to pay extra for what you want. Food, blankets, luggage sizes, entertainment etc are an extra charge, which you would have realized if you looked properly through their web site when you booked. The food is basic but so is the price. So just order another cheap meal if the size is small or pick a non rice meal next time. The long wait has to do with the number of flights they can politically, legally and profitably operate to each destination.

    I can’t comment on the extra charges as I don’t know the circumstances. I am a frequent Air Asia user but have always found them quick to respond, friendly and reasonable. Plus miles better than any other airline.

  • Tan

    Dear Zalifah san,

    Thanks for your replied (GSM09L01277).I already book the flight on 14/10/09 (ORTNAV-SGD48 & QSBNDS-RM95).Unfortunely, I check the airfare today the flight rate become SGD39/RM79.When I booking this period still under promotion,may be airasia system rate have problem.Disappointed, people who book first expensive than people who book later even under same promotion.

    Ms CH Tan

  • Jacob

    I still remember when i went through hassle to get my itinerary few times early last year all just because payment was deducted via direct debit and booking turn out to be error. After all the phone calls and chains of email, at last i emailed Datuk Tony for his help. In an hour i’m getting call from CS manager and problem solved. Anyway, it’s a shame for AA, that a simple case as mine needs the CEO’s concern to be looked into just because of some irresponsibble staff in AA with “tidak apa attidue”. It Doesn’t mean if we received a poor services from industry we have to accept the fact and convince ourselves. We as a consumers have to address the poor services and highlight whichever things that need to be improved and as long as AA willing to listen and avoid repeating the same mistake again.

  • Jesus

    i had my fight on 11/01/10 at 08.55 am from langkawi to singapore, waking up at 06.00 am checking out from hotel ,as checking in at langawi airport ,a airasia staff told my wife that she couldn’t fight to singapore because her malaysian passport was due to expire in 3 month ,so we when to the imigration office to get it renewal after lossing our return fight .
    the only fight avaliable was with firefly to KL ,with we paid 400 RM ,because airtiger was complete with one only avaible seat , but after a few hour airtiger told as they had one more seat so we buy it 608 RM ,canceling firefly and lossing 400 rm , after sending 1000 rm and 10 hours at airport we finaling fly to singapore ,and drive thru to malaysia ,as we arriving to singapore we ask the imigration dept if she could of enter singapore ,with a passport due to expire in 3 month and the surprise was yes no problem because you are just going to malaysia ,so thanks to one person at airasia in langkawi airport 1000 rm and 10 hours at an airport .

    even after imigration a langkawi airport telling him it was ok to go ,he still insisted no you can’t his name is Amar , pls airasia some compensation free air ticket to kept a customer happy

  • Jen

    i have no complaint for the flight service as you get what you pay for.. however, i want to complaint the taxi service provided by LCCT. you can read my complaint at http://www.buyersuara.com.my

  • Alexander

    I noticed recently that payments by American Express are no longer accepted, when pressing on payment by credit card, only Master and Visa are accepted. This is very inconvenient, what is the reason that Amex is no longer accepted?