I have been in China for the last two years. I was first based in Shanghai and since last October in Ningbo ! Yeah! exactly my sentiments (Ningbo where? ). Actually Ningbo is just 110KM from Hanzhou Airport . It is one of China largest Petroleum and Petrochemical Port. Ningbo is a laid back city with so much to offer.

It is a hidden gem in this Zhejiang Province. The seafood is great and cheap and it has a beautiful lake , an interesting Golf Course plus mountains, caves and great rivers for rafting! My stay in China last two years is an experience on it’s own ! (Hey they have 1.3 billion people !) I look forward to swap stories and share with all “AirAsian” of people in Hangzhou, Ningbo and Shanghai especially on their customs , cultures and business etiquettes.

Oh yes one last fact I forgot to mention , I am Malay, Muslim and speaks very little Mandarin! The only Mandarin which I pick up was at the Pubs! (No I don’t drink but for you guys beer is dirt cheap here!)

Watch out for China stories from now on here…….



  1. Wowww

    Hangzhou, I also wanna go there. I dream to visit Shanghai once becoz there is the top5 city of the world. Paris, London, New York, Washington DC and Shanghai. Since i knew that AirAsia open a new route to Hangzhou makes me think that my chance is coming. I must visit Shanghai once.

  2. cool..china is so damn enticing.need to save more then can go holiday china…

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