“How do you survive in China? Where do you get halal food?” I’ve been asked this question so many times! The answer is simple actually. In most cities like Hangzhou, Shanghai or Beijing, halal food is not a problem but you need to scour the city a bit!

To all AirAsia Muslim travelers fear not as halal food in Hangzhou is located at Gao Yin Jie- The famous food street and Night Market. It is very near West Lake. Any reasonable taxi driver will get you there in a jiffy! I’ve put a simple video this time round for a glimpse of Hangzhou. Enjoy!


  • Krshna

    Thanks for the information Rashidi,
    I take a note for that, at least it’ll short my time to search halal food place when I visit Hangzau.

  • Aliza

    Hi its great that you are sharing your experiences. Which hotel to stay co that we are close to the halal restaurants street?

  • Wm Rashidi

    Dear Krshna & aliza,

    There are few more Halal restaurants around in Hangzhou but the one in the video are your best bet and will definitely serves you well as it’s location is near the west lake and tourist area. Hangzhou have plenty of hotels depending on your budget.

  • Muhammad Syukri

    Hi there, I tend to travel to Hangzhou (Zhejiang)and may stay there for about three years.
    How about Muslim community there?

  • Wm Rashidi

    Dear Muhammad,
    My apologies for the very late reply. Have been quite busy with work last few months. I hope you have setteld in Hangzhou. E-mail me at wmrashidi@gmail.com if you wish to know more about the muslim community in Zhejiang Province.

  • Wan Zaini

    Hi there…will visit hangzhou soon and would like to know the name of the hotel closest to the gao yin jie.
    thank you