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29 September 2009

Chengdu Here I Come Week 3!!


By Daphne

Thank you to everyone who participated in the ‘Chengdu Here I Come’ Week 1 & 2. It has been very interesting to see how all of you are geared up about Chengdu :) Oh, and we especially love those Mandarin entries.

So, we’ve got one more week till we finally decide on the winner for each week. But before that, we are opening up the contest for a final week, with a different theme: Events in Chengdu!!

We’ve got entries about things to do, and the glorious food available in Chengdu, now… let’s see how you can weave up a great blog entry with Events in Chengdu :)

It’s really simple to participate, just follow these steps:

1. Check out the pictures below on events in Chengdu
2. Tell us ur dream vacation in Chengdu based on the pictures
3. Send us a blog entry here (simply register & submit ur entry)
4. Pray really hard we love ur entry above the rest… n wait for the announcement of winners! (which is next week)

Photos here, so impress us with your entries! :)

Dragon Boat Race (Image Source: Show China)

Lantern Festival (Image Source: China Daily)

Longchii Snow Festival (Image Source: expatinsechuan)

Chengdu Flower Fair (Image source: chengdujournal)

Chengdu International Panda Festiva (Image Source: Prlog)

And Chengdu is also a gateway for you to enter the modern Chongqing! (Image Source: panoramio.com)

We look forward to your entries :)