Sook Chien

We love AirAsia, We love ChengDu, We love Panda and We love our Family. Because of love, we can get all the precious prize in our life.

Tay Yew

I deserve to win 4 return tickets to Chengdu because i am passionate about travelling and the fantastic offers of Air Asia.

Mohd Hafiz

I would like to visit Chengdu, China. Panda is very close with my childhood memory. I still remember when I was a kid, Panda illustration was easily found at water colour case, kite, junk food wrapper and pencil case especially those stuff made in China. I used to have a small Panda soft toy besides transformers robot and patrol cars 🙂 When AirAsia launched a flight to Chengdu, I was so excited and dream about to visit this beautiful place. Furthermore, AirAsia’s marketing strategy of using Panda in its advertisement inspired me to visit Chengdu and see the Panda. However, as of now, I am yet to see the beauty of Chengdu. But, I believe this school holiday is a right time for me to spend time with my family and it will be nice if I can spend it with Panda too..I think I deserve it 🙂


  1. Sook Chien Reply

    haha…this is not vote for who’s picture is most beautiful, is vote for who have the most numbers of friends .

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