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01 August 2009

Checking back with Capt. Lim

AirAsia Social Media team

By AirAsia Social Media team


It has been awhile since I visited the blog due to my work commitments but I am very sure most of you have been enjoying the company of JFK and Captain Lim. Great writers, great pilots (I am sure JFK will turn out to be) and great charm the guys have! Way to go guys!

Well, I would like to touch on the following travel tips, if you guys have any more do share with all so that we can make our travels with AirAsia better and also for us to improve further!

1. I book my meals before flying. Be mindful the limit is 48 hours before your departure. A few reasons:

a. It is cheaper
b. I am assured of a meal in case the flight is full and all meals run out. I know some people who booked didn’t manage to get theirs, well, please write in. We are not perfect. We need data to improve our delivery to all you guests out there
c. I don’t have to scramble for my wallet in flight!

2. AirAsia offers point to point travel. Meaning, if you want to travel from Shenzen to Alor Setar, you will have to buy a ticket from Shenzen to Kuala Lumpur and then from Kuala Lumpur to Alor Setar. A lot of people fail to allow sufficient time for transit before the connecting flight (please allow a minimum of three hours as anything can happen from unexpected flight delays to missing bags etc!). At times however it is due to limited connecting flight choices (the above is a real example. I hope the passengers managed to get on their flights to Alor Setar). How do you go about it when you are limited by time? Check in online!

Do you know we have this facility? Go to our website, select Flight Info and then Self Check In for more info.

This will save you time (and you can do this 48 hours prior to your flights) – you wouldn’t need to queue up to check in for your next connecting flight. And helps a lot if you do not have check in luggage :)

Anymore from you people out there?

p.s. just for your viewing pleasures… attached are some photos during my recent trip to Stansted on the A340 :)

My daughter, Alana ordering additional food from her bassinet!

After food it is time to take over mummy’s XL seat!

My son, Aidan, who enjoyed the in-flight entertainment unit – looking rather pleased with the flight progress!

So, you wanna fly long haul? Go AirAsia X!

Best Regards,

  • Sharifah Zati

    hi im new here n im a student. i just wana know hot effective the blog is in sharing information? and is there any activities of air asia thatposted here? i mean in this blog..thats all i wana know..dis is for my research.. tq

  • Ramnan

    Dear Capt. Dominic,

    I would like to give some feedback on pre-booked meals. On one of my recent flights on Ais Asia, I had pre-booked a Combo meal. I was a bit dissapointed to note that the “free drink” was actually 100ml of water. The water part of it is fine and quite healthy too. But surely 100ml would never be thirst quenching. Perhaps you could get the catering team to do some food sampling. Have them finish one serving of Nasi Briyani and see if the 100ml of water is sufficient to go with that spicy meal. I’m sure Air Asia flyers wouldn’t mind paying a little more for say, 250ml of water. I thank you in advance for looking into this matter.

    PS- Drink lots of water during your flights and prevent Venous Thromboembolism!

  • Eunice

    Hi,i knw im gonna ask a real dumb Q, but i really need to know. i booked a return flight frm Stanstd – Lcct,and well to cut the long story short, i ended up not using the departure flight. can i still use the return portion of the flight? ie the one frm Lcct back to Stn. thanks.

  • Dominic

    Hello Ramnan,

    Good and valid points you brought there… Please allow me to bring this up with the relevant department. Can I have your permission to ask the blog team for your email add so that I can email you a response?


    Best Regards,

  • Low

    how about bringing burgers into AirAsia? Ramly or Otai burgers! It is so good around Malaysia till you gotta smuggle it in to Singapore! Wouldn’t that show our culture to the world? =)

  • Dominic

    Hello Eunice,

    I’ve forwarded your querry. For better understanding of the case, s they might need your booking reference, etc, please log in a querry on our website at http://www.airasia.com.

    In any case, I will revert to you when I get an answer from the person in charge.

    have fun!

  • Dominic

    Ramnan – I’ve checked with the department in charge. Well, as with most things, there are two schools of thoughts and we also have a reasonable request for us to reduce the price of our pre-book meal. We have accepted your feedback and it will definitely be taken into consideration and we will evolve as required :)

    Eunice – From the department concerned -yes you can still use the ticket. Best that you call our customer service to check with them what information you might have to furnish them with :)

    Best Regards,

  • Ramnan

    Dear Capt. Dominic,

    You can definitely pass on my email info to the relevant team. I would be glad to assist in any way possible.

    Thank you for giving me the oppurtunity to help Air Asia better serve it’s clients.

    – Ramnan

  • Lee Nam

    Hi Capt;
    I am from Sabah and I work in Phnom Penh. I fly from Phnom Penh to Sabah every month and back to Phnom Penh after about 3-4 days stay in Kota kinabalu. There are quite a lot of Sabahans in Phnom Penh doing the same thing. Is there a possibility of a direct Kota Kinabalu – Phnom Penh flight. I have been travelling like this for the past two and half years. I thank AA that I have never had to stay overnight in KL (due to flight delays) although the connecting time between the 2 flights is just about 2 hours. Check my account(user ID: sanbalu) to confirm this
    from Yon Lee Nam, Phnom Penh

  • Eunice

    yup, i’v got the confirmation by email. thanks so much !

  • Dominic

    Ramnan – Thanks.

    Hello Lee Nam,

    Well, if there is enough demand then there will be a flight. So, all of you out there who would be taking the same routing as Lee Nam – write in!

    The public have to understand that without accurate data, we will be unable to offer something which is of benefit to the people…. please help us write in!

    Best Regards,