Hostels used to be the place to stay for the budget travelers but with major draws like lack of privacy and comfort. Budget hotels hotels are unsurprisingly my choice when it comes to choosing my travel accommodation. Tune Hotels, with their promising tagline, 5-stars Bed at 1-star Price are geared to provide cleaner, friendlier and more comfortable stays. They also often offer shockingly great promotions. Here’s some snippets of my stay at Tune Hotels.

Clockwise: With the money I save from accommodation, I reward myself with juicy burger brunch at Bali; Focus not at my messy sarong from Bali but at the top left corner of the picture, that’s where the mighty invaluable mini safe for me to secure my valuables before going out; View from Tune Hotels Bali Kuta lobby; Bathroom brownie points: shower not above the loo!

Tune Hotel Kuta Bali, just 5 mins walk to the beach; Instead of stuffy hotel corridors, you stroll along airy green aisle to reach your room; Bathroom credit shot

Cheerful Tune Hotels Kuching lobby, comfy couch, travel agent counter and a simple cafe; Free internet browsing at the lobby; Trademark bright cheerful hotel corridors; Kuching’s must eat, Kolo Mee; You don’t have to pay for the stuff you don’t need, which means even lower price!

The location of Tune Hotels Kuching is excellent, within walking distance to the oldest temple in Sarawak Tua Pek Kong Temple; Located just opposite Hilton Kuching and near to restaurants serving tasty local food; Chinese History Musuem, painted pink!; Tua Pek Kong Temple right in front of Kuching Waterfront

5-stars sleeping experience with huge window, who says budget means windowless hotel rooms hidden behind billboards; legendary power shower with powerful blast of cold/ hot water; ceiling fan provided in every room

Latest additions to the Tune Hotel families, Tune Hotels Kota Damansara; I was there to get my foursquare Swarm badge and scored some Tune Hotels goodies

Watch how Tune Hotel’s attractive concept captures many hearts of travelers:


Follow them at Twitter account, Join their Koolred Group and Facebook FanPage because you know you want to book a room at Tune Hotels London Westminster at just one penny this coming TunesDay, 29 June 2010 (= Small efforts saves you big money (=



  1. Hi Nickee,

    Thank you very much for your post above. We’re very glad you had great experiences when you stayed with us and we look forward to welcoming you to our London hotel this year!

    Our Tunedays starts 12.01am (London time), 29 June 2010 and we’re selling 200 room nights from 1 Pence onwards and every Tuneday in July making it up to 1000 room nights! Good luck in booking them 🙂

    Biresh Vrajlal

  2. Nickee Reply

    @Ahmad Azamiruddin: yes, all taken with Sony dSLR a100 and a700, except for the last pic, taken with iPhone =)

    @Biresh: you’re welcome! Able to save a lot on hotel (and flight) during vacation is great! It’s also as enjoyable and rewarding as the travelers who spends thrice as much money! Fly AirAsia X, Stay in Tune Hotels, Splurge Shop with all the savings! =D

  3. My partner and I had the misfortune to spend the night of the 29.07.10 at the KLIA-LCCT Airport Tune Hotel; and what a shocking night it turned out to be. We had to endure an all night open air party of a small group of rowdy, drunken men in the courtyard below our window who were egged on to buy more and more alcohol by the barman of the small bar until they finally collapsed at 5.05am. I was also very surprised to see an Air Asia air hostess with her skirt just covering her underwear encouraging the binge drinking, singing and shouting of the three men accompanying her. The Tune hotel security guard just looked on from the hotel foyer as if this disgraceful behaviour was perfectly normal. We had to endure a sleepless, disgusting night and I have no intention of repeating th experience in this hotel. Come on Air Asia you can be better than this.

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