AirAsia threw a birthday bash to remember with all senior management and of course the main stars, Dato’ Aziz, Tony Fernandes and Dato’ Din at the LCCT, Sepang. The celebration was a blast along with santa rinas to boot too 🙂 What was important is that we are here 8 years in the making and what a journey we have been on. Tony perhaps summarised it best by saying that we would not be here with you, our partners, our All-Stars and of course, our guests! They are no better assets than the people who made us and we stand proud today because of all of you.

The media came by and we were equally thrilled for their support throughout these years. We have survived September 11, SARS when no one wanted to get on the plane, the worse financial crisis in decades and the uncertainty of times. We grew from 2 planes serving 200,000 guests in our first year to a fleet of over 80 planes having brought the world closer for over 82 million guests today. And that is entirely possible because you have all stood with us through the thick and the thin and in the middle of all the excitement.

The cake with 8 candles is mroe than just a symbol of age, it’s a symbol of what we have come to represent and no matter what happens next, we are proud to say that we have changed the aviation world forever. Where once we had our doubters and where we still do, we are here 8 years strong and brimming with confidence that we can’t wait for the next 8 years ahead.

We have come to realise that through the years, it takes more than what makes sense to make all this happen. It takes more than leadership and talent and all the buzz, it took us on a dream and here we are with one heart, one resolve that this is the start of another great adventure ahead.

We had so much fun that even Datuk Nicol David had her share of laughs too 🙂

And with it, we are glad to be here and grow our online comunity of people and truly everyone in cyberspace are either already AirAsians by heart or to be converted. We have had a great online year and we are here to stay. And it was only fitting that Tony unveiled the winners of free flights for an entire year for answering his challenge on Twitter and Facebook to name our next route and a ridiculous. Fu Ching Yee was present and all smiles (who wouldn’t be after such a great gift 🙂 )

Today is a celebration and more than a celebration of AirAsia, it’s a celebration of all us that makes up AirAsia. Stay for the ride as we take our presence online to a whole new level. Watch this space…

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  1. Has Air Asia X made any commitment to fly to Paris France ? My daughter is studying there. Our whole family is excited about the possibility flying to Paris next year. When that happens, we can say “NOW THE WHOLE FAMILY CAN FLY” Please Air Asia tell us when is the day that we can realise our dream of going to Paris with Air Asia X. Thanks

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