My husband and I had booked a very cheap flight from Gold Coast to Kuala Lumpur recently but when we arrived at the airport we found at that there was a fault with the plane and it needed repair and would be unable to fly for a few days. They advised us immediately that they were going to charter a plane the next day to get us to our destination.

Although I was initially upset with being delayed the airline went out of their way to look after us. They chartered another flight to Kuala Lumpur with food and drinks included, putting us up overnight in Kuala Lumpur for our missed accommodation and re-booking our connecting flight to Hanoi. For a budget airline, I think this was great customer service. We look forward to a good return flight to Australia and many more flights with AirAsia in the future.



  1. The recent new about AirAsia will stop fly from Kuching to Macau. We had made the booking on 12th February 2009 (6 pax) to Macau and return to Kuching on 21st February 2008, i think is unfair to the customer who paid full upfront and your airline just cancell because of not making profit. At least you all should consider fly once a week instead of everydays.

  2. I never know AirAsia does provide service like this. Good job my beloved AirAsia 😀
    AirAsia simply the BEST!

  3. I have flown twice form the Gold Coast to KL twice in the past couple of months and have found the service to be excellent, very friendly staff. The food and drinks were good value for money although the plane was a bit old and worn. I am always being asked how I found the service on broad and always give it a good rap given the value for money. We have also flown within Asia on AirAsia and booked and paid for Express Boarding,which worked very well in KL and Hanoi. In Bangkok this was a total waste of time as the ground crew just let every one on board at the same time. I had a problem at one stage with the on line booking and rang AirAsia for advise. I was given incorrect information from the call centre and proceeded to make my booking which resulted in a higher fare being charged. Once I rang back the call centre they were able to assist me as I had been given incorrect information and found this to be excellent for a low cost carrier. Looking forward to AirAsia flying to the UK

  4. wow,airasia is doing better in customer’s not easy for a low cost carrier would be able to serve the passengers during hard time like this.
    same here, i also booked a ticket to macau but unfortunately the flight is canceled. i was frustrated but then i went through the rules and regulation of couples days ago,it’s my fault not browsing through the rules and regulation before i purchase the ticket,one of the regulation is before the booking has made the passenger has to agree on the airlines has the right to change the flight time, cancel the flight and etc.
    this is the little thing we always neglect by simply click the box that we understand the rules and regulation.
    i called up the call center and guess what? they are so helpfull to assist me over the phone,now i still can follow my plan.
    so guys, no harm to spend a little time to browse through the rules and regulation before you purchase the ticket.

  5. The most important thing is was the next day a weekday? If yes, you just got an extra day off from your boss, he has no choice but to say yes right? :p

  6. Hi John
    Just to let you know, we have a brand new spanking Airbus 330 coming end of October! Straight from Toulouse, France. It has a brand new interior, plush leather seats and the works. We are all very excited about this brand new, big baby (wide body, long haul)… is coming to paint the town red soon.

    Since we are on that topic, our Airbus 320 are all spanking new as well. Annnnnddddd.. it’s the most modern of the A320 generation. Its not every airline that can claim “we have a brand new fleet” – but AirAsia does.

    Joyce Lai
    Regional Head, Communications

  7. Hi AirAsia

    I am looking forward to my inaugural flight with you! I am a frequent traveller to Malaysia and in the past have been flying with MAS. I can’t fault their service but I am looking forward to the comparisons in my upcoming flight in November.

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