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11 December 2009

Brand of the year 2009 goes to…*Drum roll*…AIRASIA!

By Karen

All-Stars have done it again! We bagged the Brand of the year award in the recent Media’s Agency of the Year (AOY) Awards 2009!

We are elated as our aggressive branding effort for ‘Have You Flown AirAsia‘ (through print, TVC, web and social media) across the region to keep the brand relevant, exciting and fresh despite the global economic downturn has finally paid off.

The campaign aimed to shift consumers’ mindset that a low-cost carriers like AirAsia can be innovative, provide high-quality service and unique experience to all our Guests. Needless to say, we are very honored to have worked with the late Yasmin Ahmad for the TVC campaign. Wished she was there with us to celebrate our victory…

Throughout my one year service with AirAsia, I’ve come to conclude that although a low cost carrier but nothing about us is ‘cheap’. As a global brand, this holds truth in way we carry ourselves and our constant strive for innovation. Most importantly embracing the AllStars spirit.

The event, held at St. Regis hotel Singapore was executed in much elegance and class.

Now, I will let the pictures do the talking!

Kathleen Tan (Regional Commercial Head) and our lovely cabin crew on stage receiving Brand Of The Year Award.

Our Table, lucky number 18! Also my favorite number :p

Widi, Tok, William and Cheyann

Sher, Raymond (always a charmer!) and Flora

See you next year!

  • Chin

    I’m sorry to say that I don’t think you deserve that award. You may be our only option for low fares for KK-KL but your service is far from satisfactory. With all your flight delays, I’m surprised that you received this award. Your ground service is also way below par.

    High quality service – I don’t think so.
    Unique experience – there’s nothing unique about flight delays.

  • Karen

    Hi Chin, there is no need to apologize. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    Also, this is a Brand award – for all our branding effort despite global economy downturn.

    Flight delays are inevitable. Sometimes due to bad weather, sometimes technical difficulties. Nevertheless, all of us at AirAsia are committed to provide the best experience for our Guests.

    I do hope you’ll have a better experience flying with us next time.