Bowling is always one of our staff’s favorite games, and 75 of them were very excited to know that the tournament will be held at Cosmic Bowl, Mid Valley. Our family from Thailand and Indonesia was there as well with their team. The 15 team was consisted of staffs from variety of background and it was requirement that they must have mix player in their team. This tournament in a way made them go around looking for teammates from different department. There is nothing like sport that can widen their circle of friend.

Cosmic Bowl, Midvalley

When we arrived, all was set up and the registration process went well. Thing gets more exciting with the arrival of our sexy team from Thailand, with matching wear and complete headgear. Some of the players looked very professional with their bowling bag and expensive looking bowling shoes.

Our sexy and competitive bowlers all the way from Bangkok

It was such a grand moment when the Cosmic Bowl personnel announce the opening of the lane as our bowlers’ cheers and throw the first bowl. There are 3 sets of game to be played and most of them make the best of it. You can feel the tension in the air of certain players as they focused on the arrow and throw their bowl in perfect angel, and for some, they were just having fun and cheered on their team mate even when they managed to knock only one pin. Cheers erupted whenever their team managed to get strike and they encourage those that don’t do well by cheering more for them. The excitement escalated when Tony shows up to give his support and to mingle around with the staffs. Few words of encouragement, pat on back and endless photograph session was great booze to the staff’s spirit.

AirAsia bowlers showing off their skills!

Tony with some of the players

The AirAsia team received quite a lot of attention from the public as they walk in and was happily taking photo with our bunting that we put by the entrance. Some took our cap and take photo with it and they were highly amused by our “Juara Longkang” award and took photo holding the trophy.

“Juara Longkang” tropy ~ almost everyone dreams to have it

In the tournament, we not only give reward for the winner but also for ‘Juara Longkang” (best of the worst), they get trophy and Digital Frame. The winner was very reluctant to accept the title but happy at the same time to get a nice trophy and prize. We even have Best Dressed category and Panda Garden team won the title by looking super hot and sexy. The results for all the team were good and the champion title was won by Belukang, team that consisted of Guest Service department and Ramp department. They have their secret weapon and she won the best Woman player.

Our very own “Juara Longkang”

After the game and during the award ceremony, all the players stayed back to cheer for others and everybody leave with a happy mood.


In person, Yvonne is an outdoor-ish person, she love mountain more than anything in life, running (especially trail run) as well as mountain race. To date, she have completed her G7 in 11 months and for the past 2 years, have been actively scaling volcanic mountains in Indonesia ( Rinjani, Arjuna, Merapi, Merbabu, Gede, Pangrango, Batur, Papandayan, Anak Krakatoa, Rajabesa, Batur, Semeru, Salak, Cikuray). She have also completed countless road race and after her 5th FM, she decided enough on the road and discover the pleasure of running trail and mountain race. One of her proudest moments was when she survived her Ultra 50km Mt Nuang Trail Race. She travels a lot too and love cold climate countries (excuses to wear her winter fashion!) and the experience that she gained during her travels shape her perspective in many ways.