It’s summer and time to wear your yukata, come out and play! Yes, even if you are in Malaysia! Get transported to the Land of Rising Sun for an evening at Bon Odori. Dance the Bon dance, eat the presentable sushi and snap some pics. The music is hypnotic, I swear! Before you know it, you will be dancing and clapping until they stop for break!

For those who missed the Bon Odori, here’s some colorful pictures from the 33rd Bon Odori in Shah Alam!

Colorful yukatas

Dance along with them

The energetic drummers

Sushi in boxes, Sushi in box is exactly like normal sushi…except boxed.

Overheard: Mom, I don’t wanna Malaysian ice creams, I wanna Japanese ice creams!

See you there next year!! XD



  1. nickee, i love the font u using to wirtten you name on the pic. what font is that ? =)

  2. Nickee Reply

    Hi Sze Chin, It’s called Scriptina. Can be downloaded for free from =)

  3. yea..i went there…
    but it’s too late to get myself a hair band and other free gifts…

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