A police officer kept chasing a suspect for his first arrest with a six-inch branch stuck in his eye. Pc John Nash (not the Mathematical genius of A Beautiful Mind fame) slipped on mud and slid head first into a bush while pursuing a suspect in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, just six days into the job.

Pc John Nash image from BBC UK

He only came to realise he was injured when he arrested the suspect, who told him he had “better get to hospital”. After three hours of surgery, Pc Johan Nash still has his eye and brain intact.

X-ray scans of John Nash

“John is more bothered about the impact it had on his colleagues at the scene. It must have been quite frightening for them to see their colleague come back with this thing sticking out of his eye.” said Insp Ian Hanson of the Police Federation.

Talk about putting your life on the line at your job. Yes, we at AirAsia are privileged not to have to risk our lives on the job each day (may be contrary to operations and air crew) but sometimes, it does make me wonder on how their hours on the shift go unnoticed and unrewarded.

The tarmac guys: when everything goes well, no one says a thing with all baggage accounted for and customers are happy. But when stuff goes awry and missing, all hell breaks loose. I’m not indicating that the staff are not to blame and that efficiency could be improved but makes you wonder if they should be more appreciated instead of taken for granted all the time. Just because they do not appear in the more glamorous outfits of the air crew, does that mean that they are less ‘glamorous’ as well?

And to all the pilots whose lives they are responsible for and cabin crew who are also risking their lives to do their job, what about them? Reading this news and being in the airlines industry, to all airlines employees out there, I would like to thank you, be it if you are from AirAsia, MAS, SIA, Jetstar or other regional airlines. What truly matters is what you do and be proud of your profession. In these down times with a challenging economic gloom cast on us, for all airlines and airline employees, stand strong and just do your thing.

As an end note, the ultimate bummer and smack to the head is the fact that the suspect was arrested but later released without charge. Have a nice day all!



  1. Nice post. Pls dont forget us pple at reservations and loyalty programs! We risk our ears to “music” each passing day… *smilez*

  2. Don’t forget the Maintenance Engineer that maintain the aircraft, or those who provides a chance to create the Hudson Hero!

  3. Derek Reply

    How can we omit the people at reservations and loyalty programs and of course the engineers. The plane is made up of all these people and yes, the Hudson hero is a true example of greatness in these trying times.

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