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13 September 2010


AirAsia Social Media team

By AirAsia Social Media team

Its early morning, but still Captain NoGood and his motley assistants are already in the LCCT lounge, waiting for their flight to a weekend of frolicking in the Philippines. Waiting in long check in lines – no, not for Captain NoGood (even though we were split over 4 different tickets), the check-in girls rapidly processed us (got rid of us maybe?) so we could quickly get through and clear the formalities.

On board, occupying the front 2 rows of seats, this motley band of 9 were heading to ensure Simon’s last long weekend as a bachelor went off suitably memorably. I’m not sure the stewardesses had an inkling they had such an esteemed super hero on board as they checked us ready for take off. Ping, the seat belt sign goes off, and amid much rustling a bag is produced, thrust into Simon’s hand – to the changing room (aka toilet) you must go. The result, well, I’ll let you judge, yellow wellies, black leggings, T shirt, sequined cape and yellow mask – soon had gasps of giggles running down the aisle.

The AirAsia girls were great, giggling in awe at his box, wondering if he really kept his sandwiches there! Soon, even the guys at the sharp end had heard about the on board super hero and came back to congratulate him (and get their own photo op).

Thanks AirAsia – you made the start a memorable one – the crew were a great laugh !

Steve Flew
AirAsia Fan, Party Organiser & friend of Groom