In December 2003 my family was more than ready to spread our wings and fly AirAsia. Ho Chi Minh City wouldn’t be on the back- burner anymore. This successful trip started our love affair with AirAsia and it is still going- imagine eleven destinations and still counting.

Last year we were seduced by the affordable fares. We took to the sky to land at Stansted, UK to celebrate my husband’s 60th birthday. We had so longed for a family get-together, the five of us, all under one roof. The birthday celebration and the emergence of AirAsia X just fitted together perfectly. AirAsia brought us to our children. The wonderful outcome was a truly memorable stay at our friend’s house in Beccles, Suffolk. Everyone chipped in to help cook the dinner. You bet we cooked up a storm! In the coldest winter for decades, we savoured home –cooked Asean cuisine, fit for a king – my husband, their dear father!

But it didn’t end there. Night after night among ourselves friendly rivalry was intense as we played board games like never before ! We were bathed in the warmest, kindest gesture of our Thai friend, Wanphen. Her friendship has not waned since the day she introduced me to voluntary work with the disabled; that’s nineteen years ago. To us, she is family and we are blessed manifold.

With AirAsia, places and people come alive. We have seen and sampled exotic cultures that have enriched our understanding. I could never tire of the terraced padi fields and the amazing artists and artisans of Bali. I came away awestruck by the ruins of Siem Reap The poor touched our hearts and we connected instantly when we distributed goodies to them. At the Kundasang War Memorial it was a heartbreaking experience to hear of the atrocities inflicted on the POWs during World War 2. Nothing will ever bring them back but their bravery saved lives and they are cherished. Our stay at the Kinabalu National Park reminds us of a heritage we must protect for posterity.

There’s so much to share. Nothing beats interacting with the locals. Wherever we went lack of language was never a problem. We have become modern diplomats in sign and body language!

AirAsia has strengthened our family ties when second cousins met – Trivandrum calling! Their visit heralds more new ties to be forged. Plans are afoot to fly to Kerala to close the generational gap. It promises to be an adventure for the third cousins when they meet.

Thanks to these AirAsia holidays I have wonderful memories that live on and enrich the present. Thanks to AirAsia I can afford to travel. So, I’ve learned to pack my bags and embrace the opportunity to leave my problems behind. New experiences beckon. AirAsia has opened up my life.


  • Ee Lynn

    Great post, Keats! You make every jaunt sound like such an adventure! And how lovely to spend your holidays with family and friends. Flying to Kerala sounds good. I plan to fly AirAsia to Chennai early next year.

  • Veronica

    I’ve never tried Air Asia but judging from your experiences, Air Asia is awesome!
    Glad to know that AA has enriched your life and strenghtened your family ties. Your post had dispelled any previous doubts I had flying with AA.

    Thanks Keat Eng for this fanstasic post.

  • Indrani

    Great moments ot treasure Keats.
    Wish you many more safe travels. :)

  • Indrani

    Great moments to treasure.
    Wish you many more safe travels. :)

  • Lay Hoon

    Everyone can fly.

    Thank you for sharing such touching article. With affordable rate given from AirAsia, seems like ‘expensive’ in air ticket is not longer an obstruction to pursue dream in travel.

    Lay Hoon

  • Elaine

    Hi, Keats.

    I do agree that budget airlines like AirAsia have made it possible for many Malaysians to live out their dreams. AirAsia has made air travel so much more affordable and I just love the healthy competition between the airlines because it will benefit us, the fare paying passengers. I am so happy to share your joyous moments and cherished memories with family and friends which you have so beautifully detailed here. How I wish it can happen to me too!

    Keats, that’s the way to go. Living life and touching people with your friendliness and kindness. Cheers!

  • Muneer

    Hi Keats,

    I was also touched by your stor ,I too add my voice to Elaine’s Comments . This was all made possible by the best Low Cost Airline where every one can now fly and that includes distant places.