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09 March 2009

Believe It Or Not.. You better believe it!!!

By Sze Chin

Well… can anyone told me at this moment RM60 can be use for what? A meal at Jogaya..nope. Singing K at RedBox .. nope.

Let me share with you all, i had once again make my dream come true with only RM60. Thanks to AirAsia.

I had bought a flight going back to Sibu,Sarawak and it is a returning flight ticket and it only cost me RM60 Only… Oh My God.. it is cheaper than bus fare from KL to Johor. Even it is cheaper than taking KLIA Express from KL Sentral to KLIA. hahahahah XD

I was like can’t believe that. Be honest this is the lowest fare ever i get from AirAsia. I was like calling to my mum and laughing there telling her “Mum, do you want to see me every month?” – I guess if i can get all my annual leave + off day fixed, i really will bought return ticket for every month from KULSibu.

=) i was so proud to own the RM60 ticket which i once a while will showing off to my friend telling them that my flight ticket is cheaper than their bus ticket…

Well this is AirAsia..always giving everyone unexpected expectation and they make everyone really can fly~ thank you and i love you so much…

  • Din Effendi

    I couldn’t believe myself either when I purchased the ticket to Bali..all in all, to and fro Bali, 2 tickets costed on a mere RM 212.00 with insurance.

  • Karen

    hahahaha….mine too. i’ve just bought a ticket from KL-Kuching and it only cost me RM90 (includign baggage n taxes for return). so so cheap!!!!! now still continue searching for the airfare….

  • Sze Chin