Now, what would you assume one of the ten most respected women in Malaysia by Her World magazine in 1998 and Finalist of the ‘Great Women of Our Time Award’ 2007 by Womens Weekly to be? A model? A star on the catwalk? A business woman perhaps? A charity figurine maybe? Norashikin Onn is simply a captain with AirAsia. Not just any captain but our very own first woman captain. And that speaks volumes for a giantess among men. Much more than perhaps any normal definition of what being a woman is all about. And this is simply one of the many stories in AirAsia, that man was truly made to fly.

Harriet Quimby was the first licensed woman pilot. And later in 1912, Harriet recharted the history books when she became the first women to fly across the English Channel. In many ways, Norashikin has simply blazed a trail of her own similar to Harriet Qimbyand AirAsia is proud to say that we were part of her life as she too has touched us in so many ways. You will often find her nowadays at the helm of the A320 planes and having obtained her FAA commercial Plot license from the States, she has indeed come some ways.

Capt. Norashikin comfortable where she’s best

AirAsia is proud to present our very own first female captain and Capt. Norashikin Onn as we now have the privilege of addressing her as has a tale to tell. If ever there was a message to be passed on, it is simply that there are no skies to limit anyone and the only prejudice that exists is that you yourself is your own limitation. Capt. Norashikin has proven that in every sense that we hold our own ambitions and dreams in our own hands. And the message is simply, fly, fly and reach out for your dreams.

Capt. Norashikin has tasted setbacks and none bigger than when she was trained as Captain on ATR 72 in Toulouse in 2002. The sad fact that Aeromalaysiana, the airline to which she was attached to had to close shop due to rejected approvals from DCA Malaysia simply strengthened her resolve not to give up. It took her seven years, but here she is again, standing tall in an industry especially in this region so dominated by men that she has rewritten the history books. We are not saying that she is the last but let us take a moment to celebrate her achievement in our midst.

Ever an advocate for women sports, Capt. Norashikin has a heart to match her ambition and nothing says it better than the support she has lent for international involvement in the United Nations, the organisation of “Malaysia for Peace/World for Peace” and countless other ambassadorial work of charity and goodwill around the globe from India to South Korea. We would like to claim Capt. Norashikin as a treasure of our own but having met this wonderful person, her story I personally felt would be a beacon of inspiration for others in whatever career paths and trails that they do.

Carpe diem dear all. Seize today and make it extraordinary. Today is yours. I’m trying to live mine. I meet people like Capt. Norashikin and Tony and they simply tell me through their actions more than their words that nothing is impossible and that the skies merely outline our dreams. AirAsia says

Believe the unbelievable
Dare to dream
Never take no for an answer

So, what’s your story?



  1. It’s so inspiring !!!!!

    Capt. Norashikin really made us believe the unbelievable …..

    I am on my way to my dream as a pilot now , and I know I can achieve it one day ….When the day comes , then I will soar high up in the air ……

    Ships are safe in harbour but that’s not why they are built for ….not only dream to fly , I will fly to dream !!!!

  2. Wow finnaly the story of the first lady captain of AirAsia.

    Congratulation Capt. Norashikin Onn

  3. first of all i also envy her so much. she can work with the job she want and also with the world best boss.

    btw, captain do you fly any flight to sbw ? because if i not mistaken i might sitting in a plane that you drive before. (:

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