Malaysians are very talented people. In the span of 51 years, we have seen many of them reach great heights. Even until today, the trails of success never seem to fade because of Malaysians like her who had always flew the country’s flag sky high. Only eight years of age, this great Malaysian had managed to catch the eyes of many. Some call her by her original name, AirAsia; others term her as a low cost carrier, but to me, I see her as being the new light in the world’s aviation industry.

A true Malaysian never asks what the country can do for him, but instead what he can do for the country. As for AirAsia, it is without doubt that she had shown the world that she is a true Malaysian. Many are not aware of her great contribution to the nation; hence to appreciate her more, I would like to share some of her contributions to the people as a whole.

1. Bridging the gap between the rich and the poor

Prior to her services, traveling by air belonged only to the rich. Her introduction had made many Malaysian for the first time admire the beauty of the clouds from close range. Flying became so affordable that people preferred flying to driving when it came to long distance. The poor worshiped her as they got closer to their love ones.

2. Gender Equality
As beautiful as she is, she made sure that the contribution of her beautiful ladies did not end before the cockpit. AirAsia is one of the few airlines in the world that encourages female pilots. This is certainly a step closer towards gender equality. What a men can do, a female can choose to do.

3. Serving all without exclusion
AirAsia serves all Malaysians including the handicaps. Disability is a condition set by the mind. AirAsia has proved that there is nothing impossible if one truly believes in achieving it. She had made our special friends feel even special by easing their traveling across borders. It is all about making one feel one with the society.

4. Bringing out the best in their staff

Even a pen knife can be sharpened to cut like a sword. AirAsia believes in developing their staff’s talents with their in house professional training. There is a famous story circulating where a Ramp staff became a cadet pilot through this program. Success always comes from within and AirAsia is certainly aware of that. They are home growing the next generation of successful Malaysians.

5. Housing the nation

It is really a beautiful site to see AirAsians, who are coming from various cultures and believes sitting together in an open office environment and treating each other with equal respect. Being Malaysian is all about being a one big family without racial or gender discrimination.

Well I guess all good things have to come to an end sometime, so too is this list. However I am sure that AirAsia’s contribution to the nation does not stop here and if I have to list every single one of them then I would need to write a book of achievements on behave of them. However, in the mood of celebrating the country’s independence, I thought we should honor great Malaysians like her that had spread her wings for the country.

Merdeka ! Merdeka ! Merdeka !


  • Koh

    Hey Matthew,
    You’ve captured what it means being an AirAsian beautifully and the fact that it came from a guest … makes the bags under the eyes, many bad hair days and carpal tunnel syndrome so worth it – thanks! Be blessed!

  • Shahrina

    Hi Matthew,

    Thank you for your wonderful comments. Makes all the hard work and long hours all worth while. I also love how you referred AirAsia as “her”…cool!