It’s the weekend in Bangkok and that means…. *drum roll*….

Chatuchak! Yeay!

Ok yes we’re excited but a funny thing happened before we got there. Our taxi driver had asked us politely whether he could take us to the Gem Factory first to see some quality & original gem stones so that he could get free gasoline coupons for taking the 3 of us. We said okay because he didn’t cheat us into going there, told us the truth and asked our permission and since he was nice, we didn’t mind going. All we had to do was walk in, stick around for 15 minutes just to look see look see and then go out. We didn’t have to buy anything. I was quite surprised though at the items available which ranged from 500baht to way way above (which I couldn’t possibly afford)! My mum & sis would have gone nuts here so thank goodness they didn’t join us on this trip. In the end, instead of gemstones, I got myself a coconut oil for the scalp which smells pretty good.

We arrived in Chatuchak finally and the first thing we did was to grab that 20baht coffee at the same stall which we found last year. It was still there and the coffee still tasted the same! We also had the pad thai for 40baht at the same place we found last year too! Hehe.

Drinking good coffee at Chatuchak.

The weather was not too hot today, it was just nice and we didn’t have problems walking around the huge area looking at items from clothes, pottery, accessories, interior deco and many other things. One thing that’s important to learn here is the art of bargaining! You need to learn how to do that and if they don’t budge, try walking away but before that you’ll need to ask yourself whether you really want the item. If the bargaining plan backfires, you won’t be stomping your feet so much when you can’t get the item.

The streets of Chatuchak.

By noon, we were done with Chatuchak and put all our stuff in the hotel before walking out to the nearby Sky Baiyoke Hotel. Our hotel gave us 10% discount vouchers on tickets to the 73rd floor observation deck to see the expansive view of Bangkok! We even got free drinks at the Bar Roof Top on level 83 before we took the stairs up to level 84.

The view from level 84 was awesome!

Be a part of the past in this shop setting on the 84th floor.”Hello hello..”

After seeing the whole view of Bangkok, we got pretty hungry and so we got ourselves a tuk tuk to Siam Square and had dinner at Ban Khun Maeng Restaurant which served authentic Thai cuisine with excellent service. While we ate, we heard familiar Cantonese & Mandarin conversations around us and for a moment there it seemed like we were in Malaysia! Haha. But we weren’t and reality sunk in when the food arrived and it smelled of delicious Thai spices & chillis. Everything tasted so good and we were so full by the time it was all finished.

Tom Yum Goong, not the milky kind.

We needed a walk after all that food and went to the National Stadium MRT Station for some last minute bargain shopping. To our surprise, there were more sellers compared to last year and this was better than the night markets because not many people knew of this place. It’s a good place to get some cool t-shirts, bags and accessories even. There were some hip hop dance to entertain us as well. By the time we got back, we were sweaty, happy and full!

Get some last minute shopping at the National Stadium MRT Station.

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P/S: Our flight to Bangkok had to be postponed due to the street demonstrations and thanks to AirAsia we managed to find another suitable date & were updated about the situation as it passed. 🙂


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    Thanks again for publishing this story, I was too excited until I didn’t realize the error on the word Bangkok. Goodness. Lol.

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