Bangkok, Thailand is one of the best place to go for holiday. Lots of interesting places there.

Say, like Grand Palace, Chao Phraya River, Sampran Elephan Zoo, Bayoke Sky Hotel, and many else. Some people come only for shopping, lots shops with very good price. If you like shopping, don’t ever forget to visit MBK, Platinum Shopping Mall, Pratunam and Pratunam Shopping Mall, Bayote Shopping Mall, Indra Shopping Mall, Swanlum Night Bazar, Chatucak week end Market and Chatucak Shopping Mall, and many other shopping malls around.

This is our family holiday picture at Grand Palace, Bangkok, last year. It was December 2007.

This is us at Pataya Beach, Thailand. Its about 3 hours by van from Bangkok. The earliest time from Bangkok, to Pataya Beach by van starts at 5.30 am and the last time from Bangkok to Pataya is 8.30 pm.

On Desember 2006, we went to Phuket Island, Thailand for the first time to visit Thailand. Phuket Island is about 7 hrs by bus from Hat Yai.

Why I keep showing you our family picture? Because for me specially for our family, Thailand is good place for holiday and holds a special place in our hearts. For me “NO TRAVEL WARNING FOR BANGKOK, Thailand”. We plan to go to Bangkok for our family holiday next June/July. Bangkok is still the best place for holiday for me.



  1. nice.. the little girl even wore a Bangkok Hardrock tee..Support!

  2. give one more chance went to Thailand due to Thai are very friendly

  3. Ahsan Imaduddin Reply

    Ya.. i’m agreed with Erna… I don’t know with other person.. My first love with Thailand was in Phuket during my birthday.. it was so great moment… She welcome me with fully heart.. From that moment, I’m falling in love with Thailand. I have been in Phuket 2 times, Bangkok 3 times & Chiang Mai 2 times.. Uniquely, every one of them have so special attraction to me.. I don’t know why, every time the red Air Asia aircraft took off from one of that city.. my eyes will be teased and my heart will be sad… but I believe and can’t to wait my next trip to Thailand…Chiang Mai this coming Chinese New Year on Jan 09 as my 1st Winter Season in Thailand and April 09 at Phuket for my 1st Songkran Festival… its feels I’m going back to my “2nd kampong”… Sorry, if I’m sound not patriotic to my own country but believe me the hospitality and Thais welcomes really make my heart want to go back every year… I miss them so much! Only I hope Air Asia will consider provide flight to Kok Samui from LCCT as your price must be cheaper than FireFly, another paradise to explore… Thanks for Air Asia which let ordinary person like me to fulfill my loneliness with reasonable airfare. Keep it up…

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