This is the continuation of my Bandung trip.
We did not opt to stay up in the mountain, for time was limited.
We wanted to enjoy a lot of things in Bandung.

So, we stayed in one of many many guest houses in Bandung town.
The guest houses are each unique with their own theme.
Ours was called De Tropis.

That’s me in front of our guest house, posing by our Toyota Innova.
Our guest house has Marilyn Monroe as its theme.
Pictures of this Hollywood star hangs everywhere.

There were only 6 rooms, which we occupied 4 of them.
And evergreen music was on 24 hours!!!
I wished this was my very own house.


Bandung is actually famous for the spa centers, that I found out.
We went there every single morning when we were in Bandung.
It was just across our guest house.
This particular spa, caters from eyelashes extension, the back massages, anti wrinkle keriut treatment ,body scrub, vitamin C injections.
My friends just went crazy.
Because it’s soooo cheap and the service was soooo excellent.
The people were ssooooooooooo nice and professional in their job.
And the place was posh and huge.

That’s me getting pedicured and manicured.
Actually that’s the first time in my life.
Then I got a haircut on the last day ..that was it.

Around Bandung town, that’s when I get excited.
The town was full of boutique outlets – where we shopped for HUGO, ZARA, ESPRITS, WONDERBRA, PASHMINA’s,ISAAC MIRZAH, VICTORIA SECRET all for factory price.
Each, again decorated extensively and has it’s own theme.

This is Rumah Mode – one of the famous boutique outlets.
Around the area mystical statues stand tall.
Got limited space in this blog, otherwise I’d post a photo with big statue orang utan hanging from a real tree.
I spotted a huge Ultraman, about 3 storey tall on the way back, but the car was wheezing past and I couldn’t get the chance to snap a photo of it.

This is the Gurame Fish dish and top it up with Strawberry float.
It’s everywhere in Bandung !!!

At the Bandara Husein Sastranegara Airport, I took a photo with one of the locals who happened to be the airport Security for the day.
People there are very soft spoken, extremely polite and has excellent customer service
I do learn a bit from them !!!


I am always running about, making sure EVERYBODY gets into their flight (terms and conditions applied) and into the RIGHT aircraft.
I love my job because I have a very BIG space to run about and I get to give a thumbs up to the pilots and engineers. I’m in the Ground Operations – Customer Services.

Besides running, I love the usual stuff – food, laughter, snoozing, diamonds, perfume, sports car ………. whatever you can think of.

Will be sharing with you as I go thru day by day here in AirAsia.


  1. Any details on the guesthouse? It definitely looks nice on your photo.

  2. Indeed Indonesia is a big tourist attraction, from Sabang to Merauke. I recommend you plan to cover Sumatera to Irian Jaya, definitely it will be remembered as Tour of Indonesia.

  3. Maria Reply

    The name of the guest house is De Tropis. You can search its website over the internet. If you’d like to book, email to them,the lady who answered to us was Lady Joanne. The guest house is like square shape with middle being the place for dining and chatting. The place was quite and relaxing.

    As for boutique outlets, there are many many many …. many many many …… many many …till you get exhausted … and hands full of shopping bags. ..and you still wont stop …

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