I recently went on a holiday to Jakarta with my family and thanks to my buddy there we had a chance to visit Bandung (BDO). Though a very short stay in BDO we managed to visit some nice places and I would strongly recommend all the crazy shoppers out there to visit this place. All you need probably is a 4D/3N trip. Even 3D/2N should be enough. AirAsia flies to BDO 3x daily and taking the earliest flight you would arrive in BDO at 1110hrs. The weather in BDO is very nice and cool. You wouldn’t feel very tired shopping around.

I am sure many of you have heard about the Factory Outlets…there have them there like mushrooms. And its a nice comfortable place to buy things. Some looks like real good boutiques. You should visit those like Donatello, Rumah Moda, Secrets, etc. There are many more like these. Another good place to visit for better bargains would be Pasar Baru. I didn’t get there but my buddies told me that you get the same things there but at a cheaper price. For those intending to buy materials, good silk and lace you can get it a very cheap price compared to those in malaysia from Pasar Baru. A good pair of jeans cost you like RM50. Not sure if its original but the materials is very soft and comfortable. A good pair of shoes from Donatello (a well known brand in Indonesia) cost you around RM100!

Another place to visit, i liked it very much, is Cihampelas. Here also the shops have themes like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Ironman, etc. Check out the pictures below:

Besides shopping, you should also take a drive to Lembang and visit this restaurant called Kampung Daud. It’s quite cold here because it is said to be the highest point in Bandung. Not sure if they are open in the day but at night it was just superb. You would be surprised as I believe there is no such restaurant in Malaysia. As you walk in, you can see fire being set up here and there and benches around it where patrons can sit and warm themselves up. Try to avoid washing you hands as the water is cold as ice. There is a waterfall in the middle of the restaurant as you walk up and the water pressure is so strong making the sound of the water flowing so beautiful and peaceful. Those elderly people who have difficulty in climbing stairs might have a problem though coz you would need to walk up. But the kids…they would love this place. Price wise it is quite reasonable. 6 of us had dinner and it cost us about RM170 (IDR500, 000). This restaurant is said to be a landmark restaurant in BDO. There are also many other restaurants you would pass by as you drive up to Kampung Daun.

We stayed at hotel Winton, it cost a IDR365,000 (about RM100 +/ nite),. Rooms were nice, clean and comfortable. Breakfast was very simple but it didn’t matter so much to us. I’ve also stayed at Hotel Naval and it’s very very nice. There are many more hotels.

Those starting work and need to buy some office attire or intending to change their collection of clothes should get here. I think for about RM1000 you can buy a lot. Beware men…carry limited money or you will get back broke. The ladies go crazy !! Well, even I did coz I took my little daughter along with me.

Travel with us and witness the fun. Do not forget to pre-book extra baggage, trust me you would need it!!


  • Erna

    nice..that you’ve posting about Bandung, I live there for 4 years from 2001 to get my bachelor degree :)
    we call Bandung as “Paris Van Java” because of the atmosphere


  • David

    Yes, I love Bandung too……

  • Yoke Ting


    are there any clothes suitable for chinese? :) blouse, skirt, dress,…

    or they sell only batik, baju kurung, etc?