Started from carry the surf boad in the sea.. Tight the string belt on one leg.

keep the board aside to avoid the hit…..Climb up to the boad .. Paddle to the wave..

Push yourself up with two arms when the wave start to hit.
Pass through 2-3 more waves then you will find the right spot to turn. (in this case when instructor start to yell to warn)
Until the right spot…turn around.. paddle.. paddle .. paddle a bit more

!!!!!!!!And when the right wave come !!!!!!!!!!!

Push your hand to the board and raise up with two legs…Try to make balance in the middle of the board………..Stand as long as possible on the wave..

This is what my Surfing Instrctor “Johan” told me what to do……..And how to deal with the wave.

……That’s sounds so easy eh?

But the fact of pull up all the body and make balance on the board

while the wave is hitting.. is not that easy AT ALL.


I was keeping to fall down.. times after times

Surfing is not that easy for me..

may be after 20 times fall.

Then the magic happened!

I can carry myself up and keep on balancing on the board.

YES! I was riding the wave!?!

Can’t help myself for not yelling out lound!!!

Woo hooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Wasn’t me in the photo. She’s my friend who had longer lesson more than i did.


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