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17 January 2012

Awesome 10th Anniversary Dinner

By Dharisini

I joined AirAsia last year when it turned 10, and it was a significant time to enter the company. I have always had the compulsion to support the underdogs, more so those with inspirational stories. Therefore, working for the airline and of course an inspiring CEO was in my goal card. When the opportunity presented itself, I seized it.

As I mentioned earlier, I entered at a pivotal period, both for the company and myself. Being a player and a spectator, it’s a different ballgame altogether. It puts things into perspective being in the former’s position than the latter.

Over the past 10 years, I witnessed as an outsider how the company grew from two planes to serving over millions of passengers including yours truly. I must add that if not for AirAsia, I would not be able to feed my hunger for travel.

Take any sports, being a spectator only gives you the freedom to root for your team, yell from the side lines when the player fails to score or berate the team that fails to win or live up to your expectations, jump for joy when there is a goal. Your involvement is limited. However, as a player, you understand the rules and dynamics of the game, the comradeship between the players, your loyalty, the hardship, the glory, the blood, sweat and tears. Switching from a fan to a player was an enlightening process.

Being a new player and in the nick of time for the 10th year anniversary celebration, I witnessed the airline’s journey in retrospect. The old timers reminisced the good old days, old pictures were resurrected and there were continous talks of blood sweat and tears. The air in Redfort was a sweet smell of nostalgia. To commemorate the triumph as well as recognise the trials and tribulation, a celebration is in order! Enter the AWESOME Party!

When I was told of the upcoming party, I had the notion it would be like any other company’s annual dinner with speeches and protocols. Boy was I wrong! To call it a dinner would be an understatement of the decade. To quote Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, ‘It was legen…wait for it…wait for it…dary!

I found out the magnitude of the party when I walked into KL Convention Centre.
The real fun began when I felt like I was walking into what looked like a cross between a myriad of Hollywood movies set and fairy tale stories. Strange as it may sound but how often do you get to see a few Iron Man (or more like Men of all sizes!)sauntering, Red Riding Hoods (minus the wolves), cabaret dancers, two suave 007s ¡V Sean Connery aka Adzhar Ibrahim and Daniel Craig aka Seamus Moriarty and a mad hatter all in one night. The Twilight movie theme was big too that night with a few vampires lurking around and not to mention Goth fans. Of course it was no holds barred for those wanting to express themselves by cross dressing!

The theme for the party was awesome, and the effort they put in was more than awesome!
It was a fun-filled night with a wide spread of food, drinks and interesting performances. But as they say it ain’t over the fat lady sings, and in this case it wasn’t a fat lady, but an African American dude. Not just any dude, but award winning performer/producer Akon! The 4500 strong Allstars and guests as well were astounded. Some even thought it was an impersonator!
The night ended on a huge note when total pay-out for lucky draw was an astounding RM2.2 million! Enough said!

Suffice to say the night will go down in history!