Will robots take over human jobs in the near future? More than half of AirAsia Allstars that responded to an internal poll seem to think so. While it’s true that more and more tasks are being automated each day, there are still elements that need the human touch. As one Allstar fittingly put it:

Some yes, but some not at all. As robots have been programmed, they just know what have been programmed only. They can’t think out of the box! 😀” – Nurul Aishah Binti Mohd Jafri, Crew Controller Duty Executive

Whether or not they will take over our jobs one day, remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure: ROBOTS ARE COOL.

Automation Revolution 2

What’s also cool is that AirAsia RedQ recently had the pleasure of welcoming three robots for a fun visit, brought in by ABB, a global leader in industrial technology which includes robotics, power, and automation. The fun sharing sessions and workshops were held at our supercool in-house Innovative Lab.

Robotic technology and automation have been instrumental in driving productivity and cost efficiency in organisations, so how can they further improve how things run in AirAsia? That was the question that these sessions seek to answer. Participating Allstars from various departments were briefed on the many types of robots produced by ABB,  and how they’ve benefited various industries including hospitality and tourism. Next, groups are formed to brainstorm ideas on how robots can help with daily tasks within AirAsia.

A lot of brilliant ideas were thrown in, and it’s exciting to see what the future holds for AirAsia when it comes to automation that can ease the process not only for us employees, but more importantly for the guests flying in and out every day.

Automation Revolution 4
Coffee, tea, or robot? We got our drinks served with a simple touch on the screen.
Automation Revolution 3
The YuMi, which stands for you and me (humans and robots working together), has many different talents including DJ-ing!
Automation Revolution 5
Several lucky Allstars got their portraits sketched by a robot!

Would you like to have your pre-booked Nasi Lemak Pak Nasser be handed over by a robot on your flight to Jaipur one day? Or do you still prefer our red-hot human cabin crew? Share your thoughts on the comment section below! 😉

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