I never thought buying international air tickets could one day be sooo cheap! Early this year, AirAsia had come up with a new route KuchingBali and it was so tempting, and I bought the tickets during 0-fare promotion. I was so happy with the air fares:)

However two weeks before departure date, our adventure started. My friend received a SMS saying that our flight from KuchingBali will be delayed for 2 hours, which thankfully didn’t affect our holiday trip.

During that time, I did some browsing on AirAsia website to check for more promotions. I discovered our return flights BaliKuching is no longer available. ERKS??!! It seems that from 24th August onwards, there are no flights from KuchingBaliKuching. My return flight from Bali was after that. I had a bad feeling.

So me and my friends went to the AirAsia office (before our trip), and yes…AirAsia is no longer providing direct flight KuchingBali. So for our flight back, the AirAsia staff managed to reroute our tickets from BaliKuala Lumpur but we have to buy new tickets from Kuala LumpurKuching. Thank God at that time, there was a promotion and our Kuala LumpurKuching tickets only cost us RM120 each. (I’m not making a fuss here, as for me the air tickets is still cheap).

Anyways FINALLY….it was time to GO to Bali!

This is part of the Barong Dance I enjoyed

We were there for 5 days and managed to get a driver through the Internet. His name was Putu Nastra, a very nice guy!! So glad to have him as our driver. Pak Putu to us is more than a driver, he was our friend in Bali. He told us lots of stories about Bali and its history and culture.

The rest of the trip we relaxed, went shopping & surfing, checked out Kuta Beach, walked along Kuta and Legian. Stayed at a 3-star hotel at Jalan Legian along a busy road which had lots of massage centres and spas. We went for massages 3 nights in a row! We also went to Rice Terraces, Tampak Siring, Goa Gajah, Tanah Lot, Uluwatu, Barong Dance, Kechak Dance, Mount Kintamani…just to name a few.

Here are some other shots I took when I was in Bali.

A view of the lovely rice terraces

A view of Goa Gajah

A side view of Uluwatu Cliff Temple

Part of the Kechak Dance

Finally…a view of Tampak Siring

  • Chamras

    next year my plan to Bali yes! i come by AirAsia.

  • Anthony Dylan

    Ya….sad that Kuching Bali no more. When will Airasia bring this back???

  • Racquell

    It is pretty amazing that you are not pissed off when your flight is cancel out of no where!

  • James Lim

    “Thank God at that time, there was a promotion and our Kuala Lumpur-Kuching tickets only cost us RM120 each.” – Dayang Siti Nurhasanah


    RM120 is the airfare ticket only or already inclusive of taxes, charges & fees? Don’t you think it’s about time AirAsia disclose their prices in full in their advertisements instead of the phrase “…as low as RMx…” or “…from RMx onwards… to make them more tranparent?

    According to one of my foreigner friends, airliners in Western countries must reveal fully the airfare ticket prices inclusive of any charges, fees or taxes in their advertisements, whether via online or traditional media, failing which they could be sued for fraud & deceit. He has travel with AirAsia & other Asia airlines, and he concluded that Asia airline advertisements were not tranparent.

    Just to share my thoughts. I think AirAsia can improve on this area.

  • Ponlakorn

    You should to got a compensate for all rerouting, include of free AirAsia ticket bound from KL to origin airport also.

  • Chang Pong

    “RM120 is the airfare ticket only or already inclusive of taxes, charges & fees? Don’t you think it’s about time AirAsia disclose their prices in full in their advertisements instead of the phrase “…as low as RMx…” or “…from RMx onwards… to make them more tranparent?” – James Lim

    I agree. I don’t know why AirAsia chooses to advertise their fares in full (inclusive of taxes and what not) in Australia while they can’t do it here.

  • Dayang Siti

    my kch-bali on 23rd aug was the last direct flight. but for my return flight, AirAsia did reroute me bali-kl. the RM120 (inclusive of tax etc) was for kl-kch flight, as what they told me, my ticket was an economy promo so they wont able to reroute kch-kl for free.

    i didnt receive any notification on this flight cancellation, i only found it out when i browsed the same itinerary for a friend who last minute wanted to join, the screen show “Sorry, there are no fares available on this date”. so i went to the AirAsia office to confirm on the unavailability of that flight. and it came out true :( it was cancelled.

    but i pity an ex schoolmate who i bumped into in the same flight kch-bali. he only knew about his no-longer-available-flight return bali-kch from us. when he reached bali, he only able to reroute his flight bali-kl-kch with an additional of rm800 …

  • Yap

    I see that you took a tour package, next time you can try free and easy, its a lot better. :)

  • Lee

    I think AA should improve on the cancelation destination issue. Since they are few customer manage to purchase the ticket Kch -BALI and BALI Kch, AA should take the responsible transfer all these passenger back to their destination. if not why in the first place you want to fly our malaysia to Bali from Kuching and you don’t want to send them back to kuching .

    Comeonlah AA, I fell pity these customer RM 120 or Rm 800 is also very burden for them. But 100 or 200 passenger back from KL to Kch is nothing for AA (or maybe you can charge them airport tax and fuel chargers) (seat free).

    If AA can provide the transfer all the way, I bet with you, they will be your loyal customer in future.

  • Mohd Irwan

    quite unfair for airasia to just scrap off the route or cancel their flight without prior notice. It happened to me once, for flight QZ7640 Jakarta-Johor Bahru and it was very disappointing. in the end, I had to purchase another air tix from Jakarta to Singapore, via another airline. I had no choice but still have to take QZ7640 since I frequently travel this route.

  • Nur Hafizah

    Ct!found your entry here while browsing the blog!

    yup, totally agree with y’all for them to be more transparent in their advertisements and also to be more efficient with their cancellation notice. It will truly improve their customer service and customer satisfaction level.

    hopefully all of these could be achieved and materialised with the new call centre being build because it is always such a hassle and test of patience when trying to reach their customer service centre through the call centre.

    p/s don’t forget to write about your trip to China when you get back from there next week! =)

  • Bipin

    in 2006 we travelled to bangkok by air asia, we bought in advance got cheap tkt. keep it up