For me, a holiday overseas begins the moment all my daily rituals and work schedules are thrown by the wayside as the AirAsia plane lifts from the ground, jet setting to my holiday destination(s).

This holiday, long overdue was a trip my partner and I counted down in baited breath. The outcome of exploring various parts of Asia was nothing short of spectacular! Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi and Singapore were a colourful and tasty experience to say the least. The July vacation boasted a culmination of excitement, relaxation, tranquility, a mixture of soulful and culinary food, shopping and photography.

During the trip I have kept a photographic journal and it began with a simple click outside the AirAsia Plane window….

Kuala Lumpur was absolutely nonstop! There was so much to see, eat, shop and photograph. For those who love their food, Jalan Alor night market is a must do. An entire street transforms early afternoon into a array of delectable food stalls that exude a cheerful and warming atmosphere. I highly recommend the chilli crab and barbecue sting ray! The people working at these stalls are so very friendly makes for a enjoyable dining experience out under the stars.

My girlfriend and I were able to capture some amazing photography shots at the Butterfly and Orchid Gardens.

Chinatown was certainly an experience (a good one) and lets you unleash your bartering skills. Needless to say, I bought plenty! For those of you that don’t think you would buy much here, you will be quietly mistaken.

To me, Langkawi makes you forget the rest of the world and hypnotises you to live in and only in that very moment. We stayed at the Tang Jung Rhu Resort which was a 5 star. We lived like kings and queens lapping up the sun, being waited on hand on foot, devouring the most beautiful culinary delights all amongst a private and exclusive beach setting only available to those that holiday there. The sunsets are arguably one best I have seen in many years.

Singapore is by far the one of the cleanest holiday destinations I have set foot on. The towering city skylines, amazing transport infrastructure, food, culture and all round old meets new meets scenic equals a truly enjoyable experience that will forever remain a highlight of this trip.

Be sure to visit the Art Science Museum located at Marina Bay to check out the amazing exhibitions.

Singapore’s Chinatown district is a fun area to visit and the stalls, shops and restaurants are highly recommended!

A short trip to explore the Singapore Zoo was great experience also. So many of the world’s beautiful creatures located in the one place.

It is clear to see that our vacation was more than enjoyable to us and we are so very excited to explore more parts of Asia. We are so excited that we are looking to spend 5-6 weeks throughout Thailand and Vietnam in 2012.

AirAsia thank you for assisting us on our great holiday and look to fly with you again next year!

Michael Valdez


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