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03 March 2009

As I Pass By …. Everyday – Tune Hotel LCCT Sepang

By Maria

I’ve been telling myself to not lose track of the progress of this construction.

It’s actually an exercise for me to be aware of my surroundings.

You see, I have this bad habit of realizing a little too late of just about any building construction that takes place around me.
And i will start asking myself, “When did it happen?”

And actually, I kind of not getting it right this time either.
The first shot I took, the building was already 5 storey high.

But i congratulate myself that it is still in skeletal development.
I wouldn’t forgive myself if suddenly I only realise it after it is in operation!

And later, but I’ve lost track of the period, the walls were cemented ….. lucky I guess to remember about this building project as i passed thru …….

And after, after that , it was painted white ….good enough i noticed….
At least my brain is making progress …. to become a better brain …err???

And yes!!!! ….who would have missed the splash of red paint across the building, but then I was wondering, how many days has gone by before i noticed the red paint?

And thru the windows, I saw stacks of new mattresses ready to be distributed to each and every new room. They hung up the curtains too.

And i guess the rooms are going to look like this when it is ready

But I can’t help thinking that the hotel rooms would look even more stylish if the walls are made of glass, just like the show room.
But that would of cause wouldn’t be practical.

I tried booking thru www.tunehotel.com
In fact it will start operational just in time for my very early morning flight on early April 2009.

The price i need to pay for a night?
About the same amount I pay for 2 large Pizza with 2 large bottle of Sodas!!!

  • Muqaddis

    Indeed the new hotel will be a hit for the transit passengers as well. You need to pay for the things you are using, as simple as that. It’s a win-win situation.

  • Phoek

    I will stay at this hotel on 14th July 2009!

  • Calvin

    I pay for the same amount of a return trip from Sentral to LCCT.

    Gonna stay there early april too.

    My Kuching trip, 3 nites accomodation in Tunes is the same price as my AA ticket from Singapore to Kuching.

  • David

    Whats the opening dates – i’m due to stay April 12th.


  • Michelle-ann

    Great post Maria!

    You’re not the only one keeping a close eye on the development of the Tune Hotels.com – KLIA-LCCT Airport hotel… everyday we get people walking up to the site asking for rooms…

    So good news for all: due to overwhelming demand, and just as importantly, because we’ve managed to get all necessary approvals from relevant authorities earlier than expected, we are bringing forward the opening date to 20 MARCH 2009 onwards.

    There are great deals to be had with some dates between 20 March – 31 Oct 2009 having rooms starting from as low as RM5.00….and for the really early birds, rooms from RM0.05 (that’s right… 5 SEN) for stays between 1 Nov 2009 – 31 Jan 2010. Book now before they run out at http://www.tunehotels.com.

    For those who just need a short nap and/or shower without needing to stay the whole night, when the hotel opens you can take advantage of the 3-hour Refresher Package. Subject to room availability only with walk-in enquiries at the Front Desk, the Refresher Package includes:
    – 3 hr use of a room + attached shower
    – towel & toiletries
    – air-conditioning credits
    – in-room WiFi
    for only RM45 nett.

    The package is available between 10am-6pm (last check-in at 6pm; not available after midnight).

  • Maria

    hehe ….Thanks a lot Michelle.
    Ive book myself in too, and i think my bedsheet will be fresh out from the plastic covers yeahhh!!!

  • Chan

    I booked a room about few months ago. going to stay on 4th april.Flight to Haikou at 7 am. Too early to leave for airport. Well done Tune, save all the hassle of waking up early to rush to airport.

  • Chang Pong

    My question is:

    Is the car park inside the hotel premises, or do I have to park at the crappy LCCT car park?

  • Maria

    dear chang, for you i drove right up to the hotel entrance at midnite, confronted by a macho guard who told me, rm2 per hour or rm30 per day if guest park in their permises … I must smile more to him …

  • Chang Pong

    Hi Maria,

    RM 30 per day? OK, so that means we do get to park inside the hotel premises then? It’s not the LCCT car park right?

  • Manap

    Kalau saya datang lewat malam saya akan menginap di hotel ini. Demikian juga jika saya akan terbang awal pagi saya juga akan menginap di hotel ini. Dengan demikian saya tidak perlu terburu-buru mengejar waktu.

  • Maria

    parking space extremely limited actually in the hotel compound.

  • Mohd Abdillah

    saya rasa berpuas hati dengan kemudahan yang di sediakan oleh airasia,terutama sekali dengan adanya tunehotel yang memudahkan perjalanan saya untuk tidak lagi terburu2 mengejar masa.

  • Chip Hong

    I come to this webside , but cannot find any place for me to book the Air Asia Tune Hotel in Sepang .

    As the AirAsia from Tianjin to LCCT Sepang has re-timed , so my daughter cannot connect the original flight to Kuching. I think the Tune Hotel should give priority booking for these passenger. But, my daughter cannot get a room to stay for few hours.

    My daughter’s name is Jenny Yap Siaw Hui who will arrived LCCT Sepang on 12 Feb at about 2215 hours from Tianjin, China and she will be back to Kuching on 13rd Feb 2010 by Air Asia Airway too.

    Can you please, find one room for her and of course she will pay for her own. Thank you ! Have a nice day ! God blesss !

  • Maria

    Dear Chip Hong,

    I hope your daughter’s flight journey will be a smooth one.

    Please do click to http://www.tunehotel.com and surf on LCCT Tune Hotel.

    You may book the room from there and get the rooms with much cheaper rate than walk-ins.

    Don’t worry about your daughter arriving late, the airport is always bright and full of people 24 hours round the clock.

    If she couldn’t get any rooms due to full occupancy, she may spend time waiting for check in at the airport building itself.

    Check in to Kuching will start 2 hours before flight departure.

    All outlets – Mc Donalds, KFC, Chocolate Shops … open 24 hours round the clock.

    Best Regards,

  • Lee

    everything is okay except the room is too small.

  • Russell

    I like tune hotel at LCCT except it is also getting very expensive especially Dec/Jan. Plus in many cases rooms are used just for transit passengers for short periods so they get to sell room twice if they want.

  • Mazliza

    how to book the room?????

  • Maria

    Dear Mazliza,
    Go to http://www.tunehotel.com for online booking.
    All bookings online is confirmed booking, which is never released as it is prepaid.
    Get the double room for more space.
    Single is small, but some people who are on transit, they need just room for rest and freshen up.
    Have a lovely day !!

  • Jairam

    How does one get from LCCT to Tune Hotel? Is there a shuttle or is it walking distance ?

  • Nicholas

    I stayed here because it was so convenient, however I must say I was very surprised when I opened the door of our room and it didn’t open all the way because the bed was in the way. This is the smallest room I’ve ever stayed in, but it was convenient for what we needed and I will stay here again.

  • Maria