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18 March 2010

Arul Suppiah – Part 2

By Katherine

Seeing as so many of you enjoyed Part 1, here is the rest of Question time with Malaysian cricketer Arul Suppiah.

6. Do you have any personal goals for 2010?

Yes I do have personal goals for 2010. My main aim is to achieve more than 1000 runs for Somerset. Another aim is to get into the England Lions squad and performance groups.

Who do you look up to in the professional sporting world; any idols?
There are so many names out there who have achieved a lot of success. As a child I always followed Sachin Tendulkar and I still do. He is one of my favourites and has played cricket at the highest level for over 20 years. He still has that hunger and determination to perform. To me he is pretty special.

7. How do you like living in the UK in comparison to Malaysia? Do you miss anything about Malaysia?

I’ve lived longer in the UK than in Malaysia so I guess am pretty used to the lifestyle over here. Well both places have its advantages and disadvantages. I definitely miss the food in Malaysia especially its readily available at any time. I miss the warmth and sunshine too, and not to forget being able to wear flip flops at anytime in Malaysia.

8. What do you look forward to on your trips home to Malaysia for holidays?

I look forward to many things, more importantly spending time with my family. I try to make an effort to catch up with all my friends as well. As mentioned above, I try to eat everything while am back in Malaysia, the food taste second to none. Normally when I come back for holidays, I try to relax as much as possible and recharge my batteries.

9. If you could chose one new route for AirAsia to fly to, what would it be?

London to New York

Catch part 1 of the interview with Arul Suppiah right here if you missed it previously http://tinyurl.com/ykblsz8