Annabel will turn 3 on 21 July 2009 and she already has flown 5 times with Air Asia: twice to Bangkok at ages 11 & 12 months, once to Langkawi at age 2 and twice to Bali at ages 1+ & 2+.

The latest was just last week when we flew to Bali for a 5-day vacation. The picture attached is one of her in the plane on the way to Bali. She feels really comfortable with the seats and also are very familiar with the pretty ladies in red that greets her once she boards the planes.

Thank you Air Asia. Because of you, we’re able to afford flying to all these places comfortably with a full seat for her!


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  1. We too have had great experiences travelling on AirAsia with our kids. We have just returned to Australia from 3 weeks in Malaysia and Singapore and the folk at AirAsia were great!

    I am already looking for the next opportunity to travel to Asia with the kids again. Hopefully early next year…

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