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21 June 2011

And The Winner for AirAsia X Ultimate NZ Action Hero is ….

AirAsia Social Media team

By AirAsia Social Media team

So the time has come for the teams to prepare for their final battle – which they didn’t know because both teams thought that the pikelet challenge yesterday marked the end of their team battles.

When the crew from Shotover Canyon Swing came and picked us up from the hotel, both the teams couldn’t stop wondering what is the next challenge going to be UNTIL they see the video played inside the car – the canyon swing video!

Just seeing the video got everyone in the car screamed their lungs out. Check out the video below and you will know why:

The Shotover Canyon Swing challenge was separated into 3 set – the Flips, the Chair, the Cutaway and the Gimp Boy Goes to Hollywood.

The first challenge – The Flips. For the first challenge, it was between James, Team Kairiri and Uzair, Team Kaitaki. Both of them need to jump out and do backward flips during their freefall.

The person that did the most flips will win and no prize for guessing who is the winner!

It is James from Team Kairiri who completed 4 backward flips while Uzair did zero flips as he was overwhelmed with fears when he was standing out. But even though he did not make any backward flips, we were very proud of him who managed to overcome his fear and did a free fall swing.

Next challenge was the Chair – Auntie Zara, Team Kaitaki vs Franly, Team Kairiri where the challenge is whoever that are able to hold the longest time before falling off will win. Amazingly, Auntie Zara was calmed throughout this challenge and was able to hold her chair slightly longer than Franly which scored Team Kaitaki one point!

The Cutaway challenge is the one challenge that sent everyone of us screaming out loud as there are about 7 ropes that hold a person and every time the person gives a wrong answer, one rope will be cut off. GULPS! For this challenge, it was a battle between Thenly, Team Kairiri and Zaid, Team Kaitaki!

Thenly who managed to overcome his fears of height, was panicking throughout the challenge as most of his replies come in the form of 3 words – “I don’t know” which sent all of us into laughter and nerve-wrecking moment when the rope are cut off one by one!! In the end, the score was Thenly 2 and Zaid 4 – so the winner was Team Kaitaki!

The last challenge, the Gimp Boy Goes To Hollywood is one of the most difficult one as two person (one from each team) will be suspended upside down over the canyon and they need to catch the fruit that will be thrown to them WHILE they fall off! It was a battle between Zaid, Team Kaitaki (who replaced Budiey who were unwell) and Vincent, Team Kairiri.

The result was … ZERO as both were unable to catch any fruit that were thrown at their direction.

For today’s challenge : Team Kaitaki is the winner!

The Shotover Canyon Swing is definitely an intense, adrenaline stimulating activity as you need to launched yourself from a cliff mounted platform, oh not forgetting, the crew in Shotover Canyon Swing sure knows how to rub in the fear in you – because that was what I gotten when I decided to give it a try! And here’s my piece of advice to you – if you are in Queenstown , you must not missed out the opportunity to try out the canyon swing – face your fears and look at the amazing scenery while being swing around like a pendulum.

You won’t regret it.

After the awesome experience in Canyon Swing, the teams were given a chance to experience the world famous jet boating experience – the Shotover Jet Boat Ride. The ride sent all of us screaming in thrills as we were taken into an unique ride through the dramatic and narrow Canyons (which the guide will try his very best to make us go screaming by getting really near to the canyon rocks!), and we screamed even louder (and got splashed wet) during the exhilarating full 360 degrees spins.

It was so much fun!

With that, it ends our 6-day adventure and action-packed in the beautiful South Island, New Zealand! And by now, if you have followed our Twitter @AirAsia , the team that was crowned as AirAsia X Ultimate NZ Action Hero is Team Kairiri!

It has been a wonderful and marvelous time for every one of us who flew to Christchurch to embark on this unforgettable journey. Stay tuned for the photo albums which will be posted up on AirAsia Facebook soon!

And to those of you who think New Zealand is a boring place – well, you will be in for a surprise! Check out Tourism New Zealand website for more info!