As proud sponsors of Arul, we thought we should share this with you all so you can learn a little bit more about him. So here is part 1 of our installment on Arul; we hope you enjoy the read!

Fact File

Name : Arul Suppiah
Age : 26
Nationality : Malaysian
Home State/Town/City : Kuala Lumpur
Current Cricket Team : Somerset County Cricket Club
Favorite Cricket Player of all time : Sachin Tendulkar
Favorite Sports Personality of all time : Pete Sampras
Favorite Football Team : Manchester United
Favorite Food : Chicken Rice
Favorite holiday destination : The Caribbean
Favorite Airline : AirAsia (Of Course!!)

Question Time

1. How did you get into cricket, were there other sports you were interested in when growing up?

Well after school hours we (school mates) would go and play baseball in a car park near our neighbourhood area. Someone by the name of Balakrishnan Nair formerly a National cricket player who lived opposite the car park took the initiative to introduce cricket to us. I was about 7 years old then, and I guess it all started from there. More people joined in and it became a regular activity. My dad was a state player himself and played club cricket regularly, I used to go and watch him play during the weekends and learn cricket from there. I was heavily involved with sports when I was young, just loved it. I played football for my district, handball for my school and lots of badminton too.

2. What advice would you give to young aspiring cricket players?

Always enjoy the game. Play with passion and set goals than you can work towards. A lot of dedication is needed in terms of hours invested, traveling and commitment.

3. What made you go over to the UK to play cricket as opposed to staying in Malaysia? Were there any clubs you specifically had in mind that you wanted to play for?

I think I was lucky to go over to the UK to play cricket. I attended a Coaching clinic in Malaysia which was run by the legendary Sir Richard Hadlee. He spotted my talent and potentially suggested that I should go abroad to develop my cricket. A special thanks to a friend of my parents Chris Syers who took the opportunity to send me to Lords (the home of cricket) for an intensive cricket training programme, all taken care of by Chris Syers. I earned a good report card from Lords, and Sport Excel in Malaysia recommended that I should go to Millfield School in Somerset UK to study and develop my cricket further. Millfield School offered me a scholarship worth 75% and the remaining 25% was kindly sponsored by Sport Excel.
I always wanted to play cricket at the highest level and to do so I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to go over to the UK to play cricket. There were no clubs that I specifically had in mind that I wanted to play for. As Millfield School is in Somerset, which is how I started playing for Somerset age groups from under 14’s and worked myself through the age group.

4. What do you think about the current structure of youth sport in Malaysia in comparison to the UK?

One of the main notices in the comparison is that, in the UK schools especially, people are encouraged to take part in sports and physical activities. There are compulsory sports timetable for students to take part.
Am sure the structure of youth sport in Malaysia is good. More sports are being showed on television which can only be good.

5. As a cricket player, what fitness and nutritional program do you follow?

We pretty much train 5 days a week, twice a day with our fitness during the winter months. This is where we push our bodies to the limit to get in good condition to perform in the summer. During the summer, we try to maintain our fitness levels as matches take place. Our fitness involves a variety of weights, cardio vascular, speed and strong man circuits.
As with nutritional, we as professionals understand what our bodies need and balancing your diet is very important. There are no strict programs as such but I try to be wise. I try to eat the right stuff and foods which provide energy for breakfast. By dinner time it¡¦s more light food with lots of veg.

Fly by for Part Two soon…


I’m the tall English girl in the company and I help organize sport and recreational activities for the lovely AirAsia staff. The perfect job for me as sport is really where my passion lies; anything and everything, I’ll give it a go! Lacrosse is my main sport but over here in Malaysia its played about as much as quidditch…so I spend my time running, swimming, netballing and tennising and soon I will be trying my hand at rugby for the first time – why not?!

As well as sport I love traveling; and South East Asia is an amazing place to be to explore; Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia – the list is endless!

A friend of mine recently set me a task to visit all of AirAsia’s destinations – I think I’ve got quite a few more to go before that’s completed!

Other favorite things are extreme activities; bungee jumping, sky diving, glacier hiking…next thing on my list is Mount Kinabalu and the Macau bungee which is over 200m, and I will have ticked off another AirAsia destination – get in!