First Officer, Oscar Noto has to decided to leave the AirAsia family due to national call back duties and he left all AirAsia staff a letter upon leaving. We wish him every success and we leave the letter as unedited and in its form for our staff. All-Stars, all for one, one for all!

Dear AirAsians,

after one fabulous year spent in AirAsia as F.O. with regret I announce my come back home to Italy.

Unfortunately, even though the efforts done by the management to provide me the extension for one more year of contract, I’ve not been able to accept it.

Twelve months in Malaysia, twelve months with you, one relevant chapter of my life spent in this big family during which I learnt the meaning and the importance to work in a smiley big family.

Sometimes I felt so tired, even unable to drive easily the car to go back home after 6 sectors and 100h a month, but at the same time I felt so satisfied, feeling that all my crew were always working as hard as me.

Let me say one thing: Good results comes from a good job, step by step, well done together exactly like a sport team, where the coach gives input and provides schemes but the players make the difference. TEAMWORK: this is the keyword and most of you know very well the meaning of that. You’re doing something more then a job, doing the company growing up and expanding you’re bringing the Malaysian flag around the world.

To those who don’t understand the meaning and prefer spend the working day waiting to be pushed I suggest to look at the others, at their smiles, to get the real feeling of satisfaction. I would tell them: you’re lucky because you’re working in a multicultural and really open-mind company offering great opportunity of career to ANYONE, grab this…

For my point of view an effort spent to improve the own position is an effort spent to enjoy the own job. So, go ahead and enjoy your job as much you can.

I want to say thanks to ALL Departments: Fl. Ops, Engineering, Fl. Safety, People, Finance, Info & Tech, Security, Quality and not least Academy. All the time I needed assistance I found there someone ready to help me.

I want to say thanks to the Captains for their support and patience. Most of them spent the own time teaching me, with absolute friendly attitude, how to fly in the airline ops. I was an helicopter pilot, now, after 800h, I’m start feeling an Airbus pilot.

I also want to say thanks to the cabin crews, for what they do every day, working hard, supporting and bearing the cockpit crews and the ground staffs.

Least but not least I want to say thanks to the ground, maintenance and logistic staffs. I know you work often on the backstage, out of the spotlights, but anyone know very well that without you the show doesn’t go on.

And finally thanks to TONY, our “Coach”, the most charismatic leader I never met. He has something essential to cover his role of “Chief”: the “Autorevolezza” this is an Italian word with no correspondence in English, which means to have powerfully authority with confidence, in other words the capability to lead his people with no impositions or restrictions.

Definitively THANKS to ALL of you. I hope you will remember me in a good light as the same I’ll do with you.

You’re invited to contact me whenever you plan to visit Italy, will be a pleasure to meet you there.

I expect to see a red and white Airbus flying trough the Italian sky, that will mean you’ve been continuing working hardly in the right way, permitting AirAsia to become the biggest low-cost network in the world.

Sorry for my poor English, I hope you got the entire mean of my words. Just a confidence …I learnt English in Malaysia, staying and speaking with you 😉
Best wishes for your future.

Yours AirAsian,

via Pio Campidelli, 13

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  1. Dear FO Oscar Noto ,

    Yes I agree that Air Asia is a big , rapidly expanding family . I expecially salute Air Asia on their ” dare to dream ” and ” believe the unbelievable ” concept . They did many changes that other airlines didn’t . One of the changes is on recruiting female pilots . They let EVERYONE has the opportunity to achieve their dreams …..

    By the way , I hope that you don’t mind that I had added you through msn , and my msn is .

    Best of luck to all your future undertakings …..

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