Yes, I have been rather busy getting to be qualified onto the new AirAsia’s aircraft inventory – the Airbus A340. As I have said in my first post, “A pilot with 50 hours of flying experience thinks he knows it all; a pilot with 500 hours knows he knows it all and a pilot with 5000 hours knows he will never know it all.”

So you see, I will never know it all! That’s what makes a pilot strives to learn as much as he can before he hangs up his uniform. Learning never ends if the pilot wants to maintain a good safety record to his name. That said, I am happy to have been finally checked out on the 4-engined bird – the Airbus A340 – probably the last plane that I will ever be qualified on amongst the more than a dozen types of planes that I have flown.

Air Asia’s Latest Airbus A340 – 9M-XAC

My roster for the month of July includes 4 flights to London (Stansted) and two to Tianjin, China – another new destination for the A340s. So I am gonna be rather tied up to do the things that I like to do as well as contributing to this Blog and thinking of more interesting articles for AirAsia’s Travel 360 Magazine.

Back to Johan’s post here – I am rather impressed by what he wrote as an airlines student pilot. He has displayed a very in-depth knowledge about aviation and the safe operation of an airline. For instance, he dwelt on the topic about the differences on the Airbus versus Boeing issues, what contributes to air safety and the gist about CRM (Crew Resources Management). These are the topics that I have frequently mentioned about in my website. I wish all the new entrants are of his caliber!

Till the next posting, I wish you all the best…
Captain Lim

  • Satwinderjit Singh

    Hello Captain Lim,

    I always the passion in me to be a pilot like you once finishing my studies.I like your post above and I would like to share about my concept about being a Pilot like you which is :

    1.A pilot with 50 hours of flying experience thinks he knows it all;
    ~I believe a new cadet pilot who have the flying hours in their record would be much more eager to approach more flying hours.

    As for me Sir,it would be a great honour to myself to hear and meet you personally regarding your flying experience and knowledge in aviation. I would hope Air Asia Blog Team and Capt. Lim could arrange my humble request…

    Thank you Sir & Air Asia for sharing.

  • Johan Farid

    Hi Captain Lim,

    I am humbled by your very kind words.

    There is just so much to learn and we will all keep on learning till the day we day, and then some…

    Am conjuring up another spell for the next blog post on next week’s roll. Just a tad bit tied up this week with the flying exams pre navigational solos.

    Believe that I might just have a twist to “decision making” as pilot-in-command and am looking forward to your thoughts on it soon.

    Till then, CAVOK skies & VRB winds!


  • Kien Fui

    I am really impressed by your blog post above. Although I am not a pilot neither pilot cadet. But, I always aspire to be a part of aviation field. Your words truly inspired me very much! I am looking forward to your next post.

    Thank you!