When I heard the news that AirAsia is going to sponsor the NFL Oakland Raiders team, I thought it was cool. But not more than that. That’s it. Until I saw the new A340 which has the Oakland Raiders livery parked in the hangar. It was really cool. I guess it was more than cool.

I started to google and learned a little bit more about the team. As a sportsperson myself – anything to do with team sports – I get a little bit excited. Luckily for me, in that particular week, the day they held the launch ceremony was the only day I had no class to teach. Immediately I informed my boss to get her permission to attend , and yeay!!! Green light!!!

The launch itself was simple but exciting. Personally I love basketball and if it was the Lakers , I might have jumped on them!! I don’t even know how American football is played but I have always loved all the movies about the game such as “Remember the Titans” as it provides motivation to my players. And here I was, seeing and meeting the Oakland Raiders,a famous American football team from the US, is something that I have never dreamt before.
After the launch, we visited the aircraft and had a photography session with the Raiders, and I thought that would be all.

So what came up next? This was the best part – Priya from Corporate Comm called me and informed that Tony was bringing them for a visit to the AirAsia Academy!! I was really, really excited! I couldn’t help myself smiling from ear to ear and I was practically ‘bouncing’ and ‘jumping’ everywhere in the office, feeling excited. Why? Because usually if there is any visitors to the Academy, I would be the one who would bring them for a tour. Yes!!!

The big boss himself brought the group and lead the tour, which includes Mark Davis , the owner of Oakland Raiders, 3 Raiders legends: Ted Hendricks, Rod Martin and Cliff Branch ( really huge guys) and 4 sexy and beautiful Raiderettes ( their famous official cheerleaders!!) We went into all the classrooms and also the simulator ride.

The Raiders Legends

Tony and the Raiderettes in one of our training room.

It was an AMAZING and UNFORGETTABLE experience being with them and getting to know them. My boss and colleagues asked what was so special about it that makes me so excited. Everybody seemed not being able to capture the feeling that I had.
This is how I see it : Even if you have the chance to go to the US, and you have the chance to watch them play live at the stadium, you might not have the chance to get close and personal with them! And I had a great moment learning basic American football from Ted Hendricks himself!!

With Mark Davis and the beautiful Raiderettes.

The whole experience was definitely an experience of a lifetime and thank you to AirAsia to let me be part of this great team đŸ˜‰

p/s: Maybe I should start to dream meeting the Lakers!


Safina started her journey with AirAsia as an instructor at AirAsia Academy. She love everything that happened in the Academy. Be it teaching, facilitating, handling visitors, motivating, every single thing. She’s passionate about teaching and sharing her life experiences. She's currently based in Jakarta with Indonesia AirAsia team. Apart from loving her job very much, she also love basketball (once a basketball coach), diving (she said it's the only place she could float and "fly" like superman!), running and writing. So, here she is, being part of the World's Best Low Cost Airline, hopefully to share all the experiences, stories, places or anything and everything under the sun :-)

  • Linda

    What an up close and personal experience with the Raiders đŸ˜‰ I was happy to see you at the launch too…