When I got married in 2008, I knew I found the love of my life. When Hubby told me that we were honeymoon-ing in Paris, I was over the moon. The city of love indeed! There is absolutely no other city in the world more romantic than Paris.

The week-long vacation at Paris was filled with activities to the brim. There were simply too many places I want to go, too many sights I want to see, too many French culture I want to experience, too much food I want to try and too many designer goods I want to buy. My new husband started cringing at that last activity. *cheeky grin*

If you have a love to travel like me, Paris is probably a city you have on the top of your list. To embrace yourself in Amour de la Paris (the love of Paris), your checklist should very much be like mine.

Sights to see

Need I even mention Eiffel Tower? If you’re in Paris, this is the most obvious landmark! The best time to come see the tower is either at dawn or sunset. Watch the lights go off / turn on and your heart will skip a beat.

It costs only approximately EUR 13 per person to get all the way up to the summit of Eiffel Tower. Although during this year-end holiday season, the queue took 3 hours, standing in line in 3 degrees weather, doing crazy jumping jacks in the queue to keep warm, it was all worthwhile. At the summit, you will witness the most majestic view of the Paris cityscape. The love comes alive – me with my new husband. *melt*

Of course, you can never resist taking the cheesy tourist pictures. *grin*

The Louvre (pronounced “Looof”) is the famous museum you MUST visit in Paris. Whether you’re a lover of all things art and historic, or if you’ve read the Dan Brown novel (or watched the movie), The Da Vinci Code and just want to see the museum featured, it will not disappoint.

Arriving at the entrance with the glass pyramid made me jump around like a little girl with candy. There were 3 things that I wanted to check off my list when I was at The Louvre – Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, Venus de Milo sculpture by Michelangelo and the inverted pyramids featured in The Da Vinci Code. Check, check and… check!

If you’re more into art, you also need to check out Musee d’Orsay. You can see early works of Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir, Sisley and many more.

Food to eat

Being Malaysian, we found our kindred soul mate across the globe, when it comes to food. The French takes pride in preparing and enjoying their meal. There were simply too many delicious foods for me to cross off my list.

I was adventurous in eating what the locals eat. Satisfying my taste buds with huitres (oysters) , cuisses de grenouille (frog legs), foie gras (duck / goose liver), escargots (snails), poulet roti (rottiserie chicken) and endless pastries. Even their fast food tastes nicer… no kidding!
Between meals, you can also always opt to chill in a café, with your nice cup of aromatic latte. I think the Europeans are the founder of the chilling in the café culture.

Fashion to buy
Champs Elysees (pronounced “Shoms A-lee-zay”) is one of the most famous streets in the world. It houses cafes, cinemas and luxury fashion stores. No time was wasted – shopping, shopping and a lot more shopping here. This is a shopaholic heaven, with designer goods galore.

If you love getting a good deal on your designer garbs, you probably like to compare prices too. Malaysian taxes on designer goods are rather high, too. In Europe, you would definitely pay lesser on the brands you love. Additionally, we might not get the latest collections from the latest season off the runway here in Malaysia – so being in Paris, one of the biggest fashion capital in the world, you’d be the envy of all your friends back home when you strut around in your collection of the latest brands.

Located at the western end of the street is the famous monument, Arc de Triomphe. This triumphal arch is in honour of those who fought for France was built between 1806 and 1836. At night, this arch is a sight to behold.

Love to Feel

You don’t have to do much to soak yourself into the Parisian culture. If practicing the handful of French phrases you know with some locals is not enough for you, you can also go watch the famous and original Moulin Rouge production of dancing sequin and feather clad cabaret performance. Tickets might be a little dear for some, but the show and dinner is a real treat for you and your beloved.

If that is a little too risqué for you, go to Disneyland Paris – located in the eastern suburbs of Paris. The holiday and recreation resort is pure amusement park fun.

It’s never ending emotions and feeling of absolute l’amour (love) in Paris. Everywhere you look, your jaw drops in amazement of classic historical architecture, cathedrals, museums, monuments and sights. See the Notre Dame Cathedral, stroll along River Siene, check out hidden restaurants in Montmartre and the list goes on.

Guide books, travel sites, tour packages are aplenty in Paris – you will never run out of activities or be lost not knowing what to do or where to go. For me to be able to spend it with the one and only love of my life is the best experience I will treasure forever.

Paris, as dreamy as it may sound, is not a dream anymore.

On 18th November 2010, AirAsia X launched our direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to Paris, France. Having already launched a successful route from Kuala Lumpur to London, UK – Paris as our next European destination was a no-brainer. Flying 4 times weekly with amazing low fares with the world’s best low-cost long haul carrier makes many Paris lover dreams come true – whether you’re a newlywed honeymooning couple, Europe back-packing enthusiast, culture vultures or even travel bargain hunters.

The launch event, held at Palais de Chaillot directly facing the magnificent Eiffel Tower. The launch event included some parkour performers, a fleet of AirAsia branded smart cars followed by the unveiling of our super low fare of EUR 99 (MYR 499) from Paris to Kuala Lumpur, including taxes one-way.

Check out the pictures and video of the launch here.

As soon as we started to open the fare for sale, the response was overwhelming. Our cheapest fares were snapped up in the first day!!! There’s no doubt in our mind that Paris was a hot (and sexy) destination that many of you are waiting for.

That’s not all. We’re starting our first inaugural flight from Kuala Lumpur to Paris on 14 February 2011. Yes, that’s Valentine’s Day!!! C’est magnifique!

So, what are you waiting for? Say Bonjour to Paris NOW!

In fact -all this reminiscing makes me want to head there now, too. Hmmm… I wonder if I can convince my husband to celebrate ALL our wedding anniversaries in Paris?

by Winnie ChenHead