For most Malaysian ( like it or not) Durian aroma will definitely brings back pleasant memory of elderly relatives, young cousins, nosy aunties and pompous uncles; in all, the memory was still a great one, till we have to move somewhere in the city where you can find the same aroma by the road side or small stalls in between building.

For the past two years, we were having Allstars Durian Party and it was a lip smacking event when 400 Allstars and their families and friends gathered at Kota Seriemas Lifestyle Centre for a durian party early this month. Last year was equally grand as we even have our in house band performing to us while we eating durian.

The objective of the event, which was organised by People Engagement, was to foster ties among staff and to get together for fun as well as introducing the king of fruits and other local fruits such as rambutans and mangosteens to non- Malaysian Allstars. It is in fact a good idea to have mangosteens after durian as it have cooling effects where else durian can be very heaty to some. For the young ones and to those that don’t really fancy the king of fruits, lots of Rambutan was prepared to satisfy everybody.

To liven things up, there were also lucky draw, games of limbo rock and staff also had the chance to fly miniature helicopters and remote control car. ( which was not quite a good idea as most often than not, we saw our staff climbing the trees to retrieve the helicopters) and the small kids excited by the moving vehicle picked it up and run away laughing.

Co-pilot Kevin Lourdes said the durian party was really marvellous and he had a great time. “The durians; raja kunyit and musang king were really delicious,” he said.

Shariyanti from Finance Department said the event showed Airasia looks into the well-being of staff even something as fun as this, where we get to gather as one family.

Spirit of togetherness need not to be of something expensive and extravagant, to see our staffs coming with their family and friends was very satisfying to know that we have lots of staffs that lead a balance lifestyle between work and home. The friendship among Allstars doesn’t stop at work and it extended to after working hours as well, as the families was introduced to each other and this is a very healthy relationship.


In person, Yvonne is an outdoor-ish person, she love mountain more than anything in life, running (especially trail run) as well as mountain race. To date, she have completed her G7 in 11 months and for the past 2 years, have been actively scaling volcanic mountains in Indonesia ( Rinjani, Arjuna, Merapi, Merbabu, Gede, Pangrango, Batur, Papandayan, Anak Krakatoa, Rajabesa, Batur, Semeru, Salak, Cikuray). She have also completed countless road race and after her 5th FM, she decided enough on the road and discover the pleasure of running trail and mountain race. One of her proudest moments was when she survived her Ultra 50km Mt Nuang Trail Race. She travels a lot too and love cold climate countries (excuses to wear her winter fashion!) and the experience that she gained during her travels shape her perspective in many ways.