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19 March 2011

All the Best Fahmi!

AirAsia Social Media team

By AirAsia Social Media team

Revving engines, super-fast bikes and the thrills and spills of on track action will soon be back again as the curtains of the new MotoGP season will be raised at the Losail Circuit, Qatar last weekend. The only night race on the MotoGP calendar will see Muhammad Zulfahmi Khairuddin our very own AirAsia Sepang International Circuit Ajo Motorsports rider and the only Malaysian contending in the World Championship, give his all to compete with others from all over the world.

Last season saw Fahmi compete in his first full season at the MotoGP and the youngster did admit that he was not as experienced compared to the other riders. But being a newbie did not discourage him at all and by the end of the season the 19 year-old had scored four points which is a great feat for a rookie like him.

Earlier this year, Ajo Motorsports the GP125 reigning world champion team joined forces with our team. It seems like Fahmi took Ajo Motorsport like a fish to water as he was quick to fit into the team and adapted to their working and management style. In addition, Fahmi also gets along well with the other riders from his team: Efren Vazquez (Spain), Johann Zarco (France), Jonas Folger (Germany) and Danny Kent (Great Britain).

Together with Fahmi, all these riders will be competing with each other in the same 125cc class and Fahmi predicts that Jonas will surely be giving all the other riders including himself a run for their money. At the same time, judging from last year’s result, expect Efren and Johann to be the front runners of the races this season.

When asked on what to expect from him this season, Fahmi said that he will try his best to achieve better results and is confident that he will reach his goal as he knows he is a better rider this season thanks to all the pre-season training and preparation. However, he also added that this will be a challenging season as there are a number of good riders out there in the field.

Then it will be no surprise that this year’s edition of the MotoGP will definitely be an exciting one for fans to watch especially with the higher level of competition among the riders.

Before he left for Qatar, Fahmi made a pit stop back home to Malaysia. During his time here, he did a couple of interviews with the media and even managed to meet Malaysia’s squash queen and world number one, Datuk Nicole David at the Astro Arena studio in Petaling Jaya.

And during another interview, Fahmi was approached by a few lucky fans who were thrilled to have a chance to meet him in the flesh. They approached him for some photos and even joined the official photographer to snap a few pictures of Fahmi posing on his new Derbi bike.

For Fahmi, we wish him good luck and all the best for this season and we will certainly be rooting for him at each race. Fahmi is an example of a person who dared to dream the impossible and believed in the unbelievable and never took no for an answer to get to where he is today. We are happy to support a young Malaysian like him to live his dream and at the same time make the country proud.