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For many years, I had always taken a keen interest in the aviation field. Unfortunately, for better or worse, I ended up in the medical profession instead. In any case, I still continue to closely monitor developments in the aviation sector.

Over the past few years, I started collecting miniature aircraft and I am thankful to AirAsia for coming up with such products.

As you can see here, I have a modest collection of AirAsia models dating back to the B737-300 days.

However, my prized collection is the A330-300 (1:200) limited edition with landing gear – seen below taxiing onto runway 32R… Yes, you guessed right – I built a 1:200 scale taxiway(A10 & A11)/partial runway (32R) to better appreciate these models…. Bet you guys know exactly where that is, sparing me the ordeal of explaining further!

Next up, I can’t wait to get my hands on the Raiders A340 (9M-XAC). I hope AirAsia will come with with at least a 1:200 scale model and hopefully with landing gear….. I’ll probably be the first one to ‘raid’ the AirAsia stall at LCCT or Red Megastore, if and when the model rolls out.



  1. Satwinderjit Singh Reply

    it does mean if you are in the medical line, its the end for you to love aviation industry. From your collection, I would like to say I have respect for you for having an initiative to construct a 1:200 scale taxiway(A10 & A11)/partial runway (32R). I believe you have the strongest interest in aircraft compare to me…hehehe…I also collecting miniatures airplanes just like you and would love to post it once I have numerous collections if it…

    Hope to hear more from you.

    Satwin Hans

  2. Hello Ramnan,

    Nothing is impossible. I know of a medical doctor who is now a commercial pilot with an airline in our region. When I get back from my trip to UK, I will try to post some collection of mine.


  3. Ramnan Reply

    Thanks guys… Perhaps I’ll post some pics of my other aircraft soon … I have a “jaw dropping” collection of MH and CX planes ! I have one FY and one Fed-Ex too.

    Wanting to be a pilot?… I guess not at my age. But I would love to intercept an ILS localizer, track the inbound glide slope, arm the speed brake, extend the flaps,set auto-brake, lower the landing gear, announce “flight attendants please be seated for the landing”,contact the tower “lumpur tower, Asian Express 1234 with you on the ILS for three two left”, carry out the before-landing checklist … and land a real flight simulator, someday.

    At present, I can do all that & more on Microsoft Flight Simulator X, but there’s probably nothing like the real thing.

    Cheers, Dr Ramnan Jeyasingam

  4. I like to collect model planes too 🙂 I have KLM, British Airways, Qantas, Aer Lingus, Royal Brunei Airways, AirAsia’s B737, A320 (Both made in metal and the big one)and A330, my favourite baby. I’m waiting for the A340 model too, I’m so gonna buy it! Btw, How you get the one with landing gear ?

  5. Hello Dr,
    I think we have the same ‘nasib la’,love aviation but at last doing other job.My ambition is to become a pilot when i was about 10 years old,but now into corporate world,now as a reseller for DHL Express ..Well anyway,thank God cos He gave a chance to work for AirAsia for 1 year before i got sabotaged by someone then have to force resign,i miss my job much.

    Standing with Boeing & Airbus those days really a unforgettable memories for me,doing boarding at the tarmac,give break up figures to the pilots,may even have the rights to offload a no show passenger,chat with pilots & flight attendants at the aircraft,someone just look at you so jealously…

    Well,i only have now:

    4.9M-XXA AAX A330-200

    Where do you get those aircrafts?

    Dear Dr Ramnan,please let me know,i’m just so desperately to get the rest that i don’t have.Even sleep also will dream of “flight attendants pls be seated ready for take-off”
    …”9M-AFP u may take off by runway # 2,take off ready to ATC,take off lists checked”

    Hear from you Captain Ramnan,^_^

  6. Ramnan Reply

    Dear Leonard,

    I got the A330 with landing gear at the Air Asia LCCT store sometime in June. It was a limited edition model with a wooden stand. Though it costed RM 199, I just grabbed it. I never saw the model at Red Megastore (I hope those guys wake up and start selling the good stuff). I don’t see it anymore at LCCT too … must have run out of stock and I can understand why.


    I started collecting these models in 2005. Hence, I used to buy these older models whenever I or someone else flew. I doubt you will be able to get these models now. Again, I hope Red Megastore would bring back these models, now that I have stirred an interest in them.

    Guys, you should start posting your collections.. after which I will show you all my CX fleet: B747-400, A330-300 & A 340-600 (all 1:200 with landing gear, 1 with Dragon livery).

    Cheers, Ramnan

  7. The landing gears seldom come together with the models, too bad, they should include it. I lost my MAS B747 model, I got it when I was 4 or 5 years old. I want to be a pilot, but now enrolling Foundation in Art and Design -.-

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