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19 June 2011

AirAsia X Ultimate NZ Action Hero Day 4

AirAsia Social Media team

By AirAsia Social Media team

We left Lake Tekapo early morning to make our way to Queenstown! And during the 3-hours road journey, everyone tried to catch some winks before the next challenge but their rest was thoroughly interrupted because there is so much to see along the highway!

On the way to Queenstown, we passed by Cromwell and took the opportunity to take a picture with the giant fruits sculptures which represents the little historic precinct where fruit orchards and vineyards surrounds Cromwell’s landscape.

Upon arriving in Queenstown, the teams were sent for their first challenge – Fergberger hunting! Both teams need to travels together to hunt for the famous Fergburger then order specific burger which the burger must have ingredients that is uniquely New Zealand and run to the assigned finish line located in Steamer Warf.

Team Kairiri found the Fergberger immediately while Team Kaitaki gotten lost around the neighborhood blocks then the winning team for this challenge is Team Kairiri! The rewards for both teams are to enjoy the delicious Fergburger with the beautiful view of Lake Wakatipu (the deepest lake in New Zealand).

For the next challenge, we head over to Skyline Queenstown. By now, the teams were having random guesses about their next challenge – paragliding? But what was in-stored for them is more fun and challenging than paragliding!

It is the Luge challenge! Both of the teams have to hurtle round a winding downhill track high above town. Now that may sound just pure fun, except each member of both teams need to hold a cup of water and one hard-boiled egg on their helmet as they ‘luge’ their way down the hill in speed! It was an exhilarating fun for both Team Kaitaki & Team Kairiri as they tried hard to protect the items on their head but at the same time, try to speed down the hill!

The end results, both teams got themselves quite wet from the challenge.

Right after the Luge challenge, both teams were given a short break before the surprise challenge – Kiwi Haka performance challenge. The teams were told to watch the performance carefully and there might be a Q&A session after the performance but what they didn’t know was that, during the Kiwi Haka performance, they will be asked to go on stage to performed a Haka dance and the best performer will be selected by the Maori warrior!

And Thenly from Team Kairiri was selected as the winner with his facial expression that are alike with the true Maorian performers!

  • Wui Zhuan

    Ah…How I wish to go there now!

  • Muneer

    HURRAY !!! “COGROTULATIONS AIR ASIA” The recent signing of establishing an excellent Flight Training Academy at Sepang Int. Airport was an outstanding decision.
    However with the news out world wide Air Asia has done it again ” Go Air Asia with God’s blessings ” the preliminary decision to purchase 200 Air Bus at the Paris LeBourge Air show was very comforting to hear as it would mean there will be expansions for sure to new routes/destinations and or more frequencies to the already existing ones latest Aicraft means more state of the art systems both for operational purpose as well as for entertainment and above all this will be good for young Malaysians as there will be more opportunity for employments including for those young guys aspire to become the flight crews (PILOTS) of the new Generation Air Crafts be it at the helm of it or as the Cabin Crew and meeting faces of all walks of life cause “every one can fly” indeed so , not to mention the Ground Staffs Team in all fields related to the running of a very busy and successful low cost Airline in the South East Asia indeed the world in my view .

    To Tony fernandes I have nothing to say except to admire your zeal and steadfastness that you have shown us all to your Support Team I salute them all right down to the Baggage Crew , as a passeinger I will continue to fly with AA as long as I am able to do so . WELL DONE