Xanadu Calling: Name a Plane and Get your Name on a Plane!

It all happened in March when AirAsia Blog started this competition in conjunction with the delivery of their new planes. Out of boredom I decided to give the competition a try, having gone through words with “ex” prefix, I decided to nominate, “xcellence”.

As fate would have it, AirAsia X did a tie-up with US based NFL Football team The Oakland Raiders and coincidently, their motto was, “commitment to excellence”. Hance, the name that I gave, was chosen for the new plane, an Airbus 340 was painted in a radical Oakland Raider livery, complete with football players on one side, cheerleaders on the other, and spotting an eye-patch no less!

9M-XAC is the second Airbus 340 for AirAsia X, this comes after the first Airbus 340, “xcalibur” made headlines for providing passenger better and low cost option for the KUL-STN (London) route. Now with two long-range aircraft, AirAsia X is able to provide daily flights to the city of London.

Words could not describe what I felt the day I attended the launch of AirAsia X latest plane, to have my name on a plane of a truly Malaysian born company was indeed an honour. As if that wasn’t enough, I was presented with a return ticket to any of AirAsia X’s destination. There is no guessing where I will go. LONDON here I come babe! What a wonderful experience it was!

To top things off, I had the opportunity to brush shoulders with famous celebrities and even strike a pose with the Raiderettes! Oakland Raiders official Cheerleaders! What a blast that was! To Azran Osman-Rani, it was indeed an honour to meet with you and thank you! To Fara, Daisy and Yvonne, thanks for everything! You guys rock! To AirAsia and AirAsia X, keep flying high! You are truly the pride of Malaysia and Asia!

Take care and god bless!

Kenneth Chong.


  • Tan

    gratz, bro..kekeke
    thx for sharing!!

  • Aaron

    Where else could i get 9M-AFP,9M-AFQ,9M-AAI,9M-AEC?Anyone selling his/her collections?

    Aaron ex AirAsian.

  • Ko

    you were just that lucky chosen by AirAsia. congrats on your great job. you got the free ticket yet I’d to pay on my own. =( so do often post here and share with us=). looking for your net post!!!