The Corporate Culture team organised a fun-educational staff trip to Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre last Saturday. It was a trip that not only opened up our hearts but also our minds to the need to protect these magnificent creatures – to give them a fighting chance at survival.
A couple of pictures to share with everyone….

This is us :)

Feeding time

Survival skills training for the little ones (orphans)

Baby Ceria …demanding for the camera

The Most-Mesmerizing eyes of Baby Sen

Purple skyline at 7pm at Sepilok Jungle Resort…

Background Information on Sepilok Centre:
The Orang-Utan Rehabilitation Centre is situated on the east coast of Sabah, 23 km from Sandakan. The Centre is run by the Sabah Wildlife Department. The Rehabilitation Centre rescues abandoned, injured or orphaned Orang-Utans, as well as liberating
animals from captivity. Owning an Orang-Utan as a pet is strictly forbidden, but this doesn’t stop some people from caging them up and mistreating them. Once the rangers have rescued an animal, they treat its injuries and nurse it back to full fitness and health.
Often the animals, particularly any orphaned babies, have to be taught how to fend for themselves and survive in the wild. Once it’s been taught how to climb and forage for food, it is usually released into the surrounding forest. For awhile the animals often come back to the Centre to get ‘free meals’ until such time as it is totally at home in the forest. When the Rangers deem the time is right, they recapture the animal, sedate it and then relocate it deep
into the wild.

The rehabilitation programme is ultimately aimed at returning former captive animals to the wild, in a way which enhances protection of the species as a whole and not just the welfare of individual animals. The centre has been open since 1964 and has successfully rehabilitated over 100 Orang-Utans.

Where to Stay in Sandakan
Sepilok Jungle Resort – a mere five minute walk to Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre.

~When the soil disappears, the soul disappears. ~Ymber Delecto


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  • Kien Fui

    Sandakan!!! it’s my place of origin. yup… sepilok is quite an interesting place to visit. Good job AirAsia!!!

  • Nittee

    how do I get to Sepilok with Air Asia via KL?